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DOOM: SP Reviewed

A Review

1. Introduction

Who wasn't excited when Bethesda and id Software announced an upcoming DOOM? Well I for one was really hyped for it, especially with the various glimpses and teasers they showed us how demonically awesome it was going to be!

The first look however was completely different than what some might have been expecting, this comparing to the previous title "Doom 3". 

I do like these various changes that were made, which makes this Doom truer to the original fast action paced first games of Doom. 

2. Story

The story sure brings me back to Doom 3. Mars is overrun again with uncountable demons from Hell and you're the only one who can stop them and save Mars. 

But to that part, there was a lot more than just shoot and kill to this game than I first thought. 

The actual story development and build-up towards the ending was pretty properly put in place so the player had a great balance between story progression and actual intense game play. 

While the overall story is very linear, I do prefer it this way rather than a non linear storyline for a fast action shooter game like Doom. 

The whole story of this Doom is pretty solid especially towards the ending when every piece fell together properly! 

3. Gameplay

The players whole journey to Hell and back sure gives a lot of different environments to battle in, which requires the player to also adapt to different playing styles to defeat their opponents. 

The gradual increase of difficulty together with the various amounts of weapons and upgrades you find along your path are definitely a great way to train the player for the various bosses and difficult enemies they'll face!

Together with the weapon upgrades you also had 12 Rune Trials, which granted you specific power upgrades. With completing one of these short but quite fun trials you would receive one of these runes, that grants you extra powers that could help you along your path through Hell.

4. Secrets

Besides the awesome gameplay I really enjoyed that they put in a big amount of secrets in each level, which for me really added to the gameplay experience and also the fun factor! 

From finding little toy soldiers to finding old DOOM levels and Skyrim references, it was a really nice surprise and also very tempting to find every secret along the way!

The Bethesda influence is great in this one! But boy was this reference a nice surprise to discover!

I especially liked that they included these Classic Doom maps where you could find other secrets or bonuses which was a really lovely addition to the whole secret hunting.

There are probably a lot more secrets that I've missed or reference to earlier games/series, but this was a great addition to the whole gameplay I must say.

5. Graphics

Most of us can agree that the graphic fidelity of this game was pretty spot on for a modern First Person Shooter! And as a texture artist myself, I sure loved the style they went with, while not being overly realistic but still staying in right tune of Sci-Fi, just the way I like it! 

The whole other side, being in Hell sure changes the whole environment, but really makes it a nice addition to the different kind of environments. 

Especially the weapons were fantastic, the dedicated team behind the weapon models sure knew what they were doing! 

With the great amount of quality the only downside is that even a GTX 860m in SLI didn't manage to get a solid frame rate without lowering the settings and resolution. Yet I still managed to find a proper sweet spot for this game to run smoothly in even highly intense fighting situations! 

6. Overall

From the 10 hours I've played the single player story mode, I was completely overwhelmed by the intense moments and magnificent gameplay. 

Not only did I first thought it was going to be a more generic shooter to attract the more casual gamers. Well, I sure was wrong on that side and it turned out to be a very great and still a fantastic DOOM game!


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    What makes this game so good:

    - GORE



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    Fun factor should be 10/10
    There is nothing better to punch the shit out of monstes and by punching and shooting at them there is EXPLOSION OF GOOOOORE!!1!1!!1!1!11

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    I definitely liked it much more than Doom3.

    3 was just slow, it was cutscene heavy, and while some story elements were slightly interested it was overall very stale, sterile, and it was basically a dull corridor shooter. DOOM and DOOM II were kinda corridor shooters too, but they were fun, fast, and didn't rely on cutscenes in order to show player progression.

    So with DOOM 4 being all about fast combat and telling atmosphere, realism, innovation and sanity to go fuck themselves and the horses they rode in on, I have to say it was an absolute blast. I especially love the bosses, and I keep finding myself back in the Lazarus Labs and Necropolis to stomp the Cyberdemon and the Hell Guards over and over because it's just the very fast-paced insanity that The Ultimate DOOM characterized as part of it's combat flow and just the element that Mad Max: Fury Road exploited in order to craft an edge-of-your-seat rush during the action.

    This is basically the shooter of 2016, and definitely shows that id software has repented for it's sins.

    Plus, I've never played a more badass tutorial level in my life.
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    It's a shotgun, baby.
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    This review is totally great! :D The greatest FPS of all time. :)
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    test 1 2 3
    Great game, great review. Thanks Rafael :)

    I thoroughly enjoyed DOOM. Several times found myself exiting out in frustration, only to be back in the game 20 minutes later. It certainly gets your heart pounding with the arena style battles.

    I love how you know shit is gonna get heavy when you find a bunch of pickups just before entering an area :D

    I played on "Hurt me plenty" and it was very challenging early on. It definitely got a bit easier as I got near the end, but probably because I got better at the key technique: constant mobility.
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    testing 1234 222
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    Doom 16 sucks in compare with Doom 3. I was very disappointed in this game. Another stupid shooter with good graphics and some interesting features.
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    This review, made me want to get the game, but first I need to get a better laptop, as a intel video card. Also nice review.
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    That guy that makes things
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    This was a pretty good review that I pretty much fully agree with. I honestly was not a big fan of Doom 3, but until I played this new Doom, I had a tie between Halo Reach and Doom 2. Once I played this though, Doom blew every other game out of the way. I have never loved a shooter more.
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Fun Factor

Pros & Cons

  • Fast paced demon killing!
  • Brutal glory kills for extra satisfaction.
  • Epic range of weapons to kill everyone in sight.
  • Great balance between Mars and Hell.
  • Top notch secrets everywhere.
  • Difficulty level "might" be too steep for new players.
  • Highly graphic intensive.
  • Not for the faint-hearted.


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