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A Request for Sonic World

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A bit of a stretch I know, but playable Inklings would be a very interesting idea, their playstyle and attitude would match kinda well to Sonic World.

They don't need to have too many accessories, just their default look in the cover art and Smash bros.

I know Squid transformation and Ink markings would be nigh impossible, but abilities like the Splattershot and Ink Grenades for range attacks and Ink Brush for Melee would be good enough substitutes.

I got tons of points to spend on this Bounty, so the time someone spent on making it will be worth it.


Voice Clips:

Bounty Contributors

MemberContributionDate Gunslammer 50 points 1d Gunslammer 20 points 12d Gunslammer 30 points 21d Gunslammer 30 points 1mo Gunslammer 20 points 1mo


In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Model and Voice Clips from Splatoon, Splatoon 2, or Smash Ultimate
  2. Animations and abilities similar or exact to the original games.
  • TheJojoNetwork was working on an Inkling Mod but it's on an indefinite hiatus because he's working on Sonic World DX. I could have a go with the custom Smash 64 model on Models Resource. 
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The Bounty

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Apr 12th, 2019
@ 2:40 am GMT+0000


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