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Disabling / Enabling Button with another button - A Question for Counter-Strike 1.6

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Button A activate door.

Button B deactivate Button A, makes that after pressing it, it would not activate doorm, how to do it?

scenario: there is door which can be opened with button, there is also generator that power up this door, after turning generator off (buttonB) buttonA should stop working.

Many thanks for all help!
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    7d 6d
    0. func_door; targetname - door [This is the door which should be opened]

    1. func_button; targetname - button; target - door [Our main button which triggers the door]

    2. func_door; targetname - generator; target - generatoroff; toggle - yes [Generator. Note that it should be exactly func_door because it should get reset each new round]

    3. multimanager; targetname - generatoroff;

    target [1] - targetbuttondisable; delay - 0,01;

    target [2] - targetgeneratoroff; delay - 0,01; [This entity will show the behavior of our generator getting turned off. Generator manager will activate two changetarget triggers which will disable our button and also change the target of the generator func_door so it will activate another multimanager]

    4. trigger_changetarget; targetname - targetbuttondisable; target - button; newtargetname - (leave empty); delay - 0,01 [This changetarget will remove target field from func_button and result in our button not being able to open the door]

    5. trigger_changetarget; targetname - targetgeneratoroff; target - generator; newtargetname - generatoron; delay - 0,01 [This changetarget switches the generator behavior. Next time you switch the generator it will activate another multimanager - generatoron]

    6. multimanager; targetname - generatoron;

    target [1] - targetbuttonactivate; delay - 0,01;

    target [2] - targetgeneratoron; delay - 0,01 [This manager shows the behavior of our generator getting turned on. It returns back the name to func_button and changes target of the generator func_door back to targetgeneratoroff]

    7. trigger_changetarget; targetname - targetbuttonactivate; target - button; newtargetname - door; delay - 0,01 [Gives the name to the func_button back so it can be activated again]

    8. trigger_changetarget; targetname - targetgeneratoron; target - generator; newtarget - generatoroff; delay - 0,01 [This changetarget switches the generator behavior. Next time you switch the generator it will activate another multimanager - generatoroff]

    Please note that I haven't tested it. I used this system for one of my maps and it actually works but this entity structure may not work. I may have some time tomorrow to test it and give you 100% working system.
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    Star vs the forces of Mapping
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    Usually, I use Multi Manager Tool Entity for these jobs. You can make anything timed and delayed by what you want.

    Use Multi Manager Tool, there is a billion tutorials for it
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    Tie a trigger_changetarget to be triggered by func_button B and make it change func_button A's target to anything else, or even empty.
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    Mapper guy
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