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How To Make A New Character With Mechanics?

A Question for Baldi's Basics

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I need some help with this, please!

Hello! I am wondering how do you make a new character in decompiles and give them a mechanic, such as doing something to you if they see you, or running away from the player? If someone knows how to do this, I would like to know. (Below is what I want some new characters I want to add to do)

Character 1:
Mechanic - They will randomly wander around the halls, like the other characters do, and when they touch you, you will get stuck in place for 5 seconds (or 5-10 seconds if its possible to make it a random number between two numbers).

Character 2:
Mechanic - They will randomly wander around the halls, and when they touch you, they give you an item that you can only get from them once, and after getting it from them, they dissapear and don't appear again for the rest of the game

Character 3:
Mechanic - They wander randomly around the halls, and when you get close to them, they rush at you and when they touch you they teleport you to a random location on the map and dissapear for the rest of the game. They also only appear once the player has gotten 4 notebooks. (kinda similar to arts and crafters, but only warps you once and doesn't appear until 4 notebooks)

If someone knows how to make at least one of these character mechanics, I would appreciate if you also showed me the code.
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    Mechanic 1:
    Make a OnTriggerEnter or Stay and also make 2 variables, a boolean and a timer. For the timer set it to a number in the OnTriggerEnter and also set the boolean to true. Then also in the update method put
    if (timer > 0)
    this.timer -= Time.deltaTine;
    if (boolean)
    This.boolean = false;
    And the code for the OntriggerEnter 

    if (other.tag == "Player")
    this.timer = 5f;
    this.boolean = true;
    Now in the PlayerScript, reference your new characterScript with a variable and in the Run if statement put if (!this.cs.boolean)
    (Code for Running & walking)

    Mechanic 2
    Copy this in your OnTriggerEnter/Stay

    If (other.tag == "Player")
    int id = Mathf.RoundToInt(UnityEngine.Random.Range(0,10)

    Mechanic 3
    Make a NavMeshAgent to control the character speed , make sure to reference it
    Again make an OnTriggerEnter/Stay and have this:

    if (other.tag == "Player")
    if (this.gc.notebooks == 4)
    this.agent.speed = (higher speed);
    (Use the teleporting tutorial i have for the teleporting stuff)

    Note: Make sure your new character is a GameObject so you can use the .SetActive() method
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