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Decompile help

Questions for Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

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Hey, I watched How to Add Stairs in Baldi by MasterGeorge090 and didn't helped me.Please help me!...
How to Add Stairs? Unanswered RealModder1337 avatar
RealModder1337 Joined 1d ago
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How can i change menu?. Hello! I will ask a question. How can I change menu? not menu texture. example moving story mode int...
How can i change menu? Answered Awesome Gamer s House avatar
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Oh, Hi! How to add Big Oi Boots to the Decompile?...
Big Oi Boots for Decompile Answered RealModder1337 avatar
RealModder1337 Joined 1d ago
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How to add New Friendly Characters?. Hey! I make mod Called "Baldi's Basics Decompiled Edition" and how to make new Friendly Characters?e...
New Friendly Characters Answered RealModder1337 avatar
RealModder1337 Joined 1d ago
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How Do You Add More Notebooks Into The Game?...
How To Add More Notebooks Answered BHV The Modder avatar access_time 8d remove_red_eye 212 mode_comment 1
I need help here!. So, my friend asked me if I had a decompile of Baldi's Basics 1.2.2, and I told him I'd decompile it...
How to decompile Baldi's Basics? Answered Bromaster avatar
Bromaster Joined 8mo ago
286 points Ranked 51010th
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When I Bake The Nav-Mesh, it works fine with blue doors, but when i do it with the yellow doors and ...
How Do I Make Bake Nav-Mesh With Yellow Doors? Solved BHV The Modder avatar access_time 12d remove_red_eye 140 mode_comment 1
How Do I Add New Items With Unity?...
How To Add New Items Solved BHV The Modder avatar access_time 13d remove_red_eye 267 mode_comment 1
Someone can tell me how i can Add More Itemslots?Thanks....
How I Can Add More Item Slots Closed Solved 1st baldi avatar access_time 14d remove_red_eye 281 mode_comment 7
When changing the secret ending map, there was a invisible barrier stopping me from free roaming, ho...
Invisible Barriers Answered rapparep lol avatar
rapparep lol username pic Joined 11mo ago
I'm Out
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so i saw a mod that added a second floor, i want to know how to do it too...
Second floor addition Solved le baldi&fnafmodder avatar
le baldi&fnafmodder username pic Joined 1y ago
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So when i put a new texture on the decompile, it stays into a wall, How do i make it flat like the p...
How do i make new textures flat? Solved kachow speed avatar
kachow speed Joined 7mo ago
151 points Ranked 60009th
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Whenever I Try To Port The Textures To The Decompile, Their All Glitchy And The School Becomes Gray-...
How Do I Port The Textures With No Glitches? Answered BHV The Modder avatar access_time 15d remove_red_eye 126 mode_comment 2
I was doing a baldi basics decompile mod, but I don't know how to put it in unity, can you tell me how I can put it in unity?.
How i can decompile baldi basics in unity? Answered Yo_fox avatar
Yo_fox Joined 1mo ago
157 points Ranked 59356th
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How do i add a navmesh so i can move?...
How do i add a navmesh? Solved City Baldi avatar
City Baldi Joined 26d ago
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How Do You Make 2d Stuff Follow You? Because For Example, I Place A Plant In The School And It Stays...
How Do You Fix The 2d Stuff? Solved BHV The Modder avatar access_time 16d remove_red_eye 143 mode_comment 2
So, I wanted to Clone A item from baldi's basics and place it to a new location or something, But i ...
How i can fix The item bug In Unity Solved LeOlyanXx avatar
LeOlyanXx Joined 10mo ago
605 points Ranked 43777th
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I have seen a lot of people with decompiles and the graphics look really good, like everything has s...
How to make the graphics look realistic Solved Moldy avatar
Moldy username pic Joined 3mo ago
hello am awake
Home > Members > Moldy
507 points Ranked 45235th
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Help someone, how to disable mipmap...
How to disable mipmap? Solved AleshaGaming avatar
AleshaGaming Joined 5mo ago
507 points Ranked 45197th
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How do you change the sprite of an item or a character? Please help...
Change Sprites Answered Cadencraft0622 avatar
Cadencraft0622 Joined 9mo ago
i don't exist.
421 points Ranked 46861st
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