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PlaneSwitch Entity from Maniac: How does it work? - A Question for Sonic Mania

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In the Maniac Editor, there is an entity known as "PlaneSwitch". There are a few different variants (under 'flags') which include transferring (in-game with Debug on) from Red to Blue (AL to BL), Blue to Red (BL to AL), all Blue (AL), all Red (BL), etc. These appear often on regular loops from most zones, but there are also double loops and interchanging roads from Chemical Plant for example. If I want to say, make the player character only use the lower of the double loops from CPZ (from any particular bottom route) and not push anything at the wrong layer, which flag and size values of PlaneSwitch entities should I use to ensure the loops work as expected? Which flag is used to prevent backtracking by making the bottom of one of the down loops solid? Which flags and sizes should be used to properly use the interchanging roads found in CPZ at the start and notably near the vertical shaft around three quarters into Act 1? If I wanted to create a loop with a breakable floor (from GHZ 2), which PlaneSwitch flag and size values should I use, along with the breakable floor itself, in which it can only be interacted with by rolling at it from above. Basically, which PlaneSwitch flags and size values should I use when creating loops? I'm still new at modding, so I want to learn as much info as I can in regards to how some advanced entities similar to PlaneSwitch work.

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