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Questions with replacing music in Ultimate - A Question for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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A little bit of background:
I've recently gotten into modding for Smash Ultimate, and I'm still a novice with this stuff, and one thing's been bothering me lately:
How the heck do I properly mod in music. 
Now, I have a general idea of what to do, as I've currently been using to create my own .nus3audio files from music I wanna add, then overwriting current song names with the new files to replace the old songs, but I've come across two issues so far with this. I've been watching some of Nairo's streams, and he's replaced a lot of songs with his own music, and two issues I've been having are things that he's seemed to have figured out, so if anybody else here could help me out, I'd really appreciate that.


1. Music I add is way too quiet

The biggest thing has been how quiet the music I've added has been, and I've tried whatever resources I could find through GB or on YouTube, but most sources seem to be outdated (like Sm4sh posts using the old site that's down now), or there seem to be a lot of convoluted steps that either aren't super clear, or have not seemed to work for me. Either way, I've added only a few songs (over some Pokemon music) and it's so quiet in game, especially compared to the other songs that already exist in the game, that even turning the in-game music setting up to max volume still has it pretty quiet. If there's any (hopefully easy/simple) solution to this, I'd love to hear it, because I don't know it.

2. Replacing the in-game text for replaced songs

The other thing that's been bugging me has been that I can't/don't know how to replace the in-game titles (such as on menus or in the top left when a match starts) with the new songs' titles, instead of it still showing the titles of the original songs that have been replaced. I've seen almost nothing in regards to how to replace the text on the menus/in-game to properly change the titles of the song as well, but it would be a lot more convenient to see the actual songs than have to remember which songs replaced which (which would be especially hard when a bunch of songs have been changed), so if that can also be shared to replace the text, that'd also be great.  
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    1. Here's a link on how to the change the volume of your replaced tracks. 
    2. To edit the listed names you'll have to use the msbt editor on your msg_bgm file. The directory for that file is under ui>message.
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