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Questions for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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How do I make physics mods? (ex: make it so bowser does an insta-kill)What I want to know:Where are ...
How to make Physic mods Unanswered vi7ual avatar
vi7ual username pic Joined 1y ago
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So im trying to make a custom sans spirit battle and i get this error when trying to convert the xml...
Param label update for sans? Solved amberthenerd avatar
amberthenerd Joined 3y ago
818 points Ranked 42064th
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I've deleted and Re-Dumped my data.arc for 6.1.0. Terry's Name on the CSS and Stage Title on the SSS...
Terry's Stage Breaks 6.1.0 Mods Answered HiddenApache avatar
HiddenApache Joined 5mo ago
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But only sometimes. Basically I backed the ad files up, reformatted the partition to exfat, and then...
Load times are still long after switching to exFat Answered Samilton avatar
Samilton Joined 3y ago
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I just started modding Ultimate this week. I dumped the data.arc while on the newest ssbu patch. It ...
data.arc help Solved ReK Shadow avatar
ReK Shadow Joined 3y ago
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Best way to update Ultimate using homebrew?. I have emunand set up on my Switch using Atmosphere.In sysnand, Ultimate is fully updated, but it is...
Updating Ultimate? Answered FullmetalHobbit avatar
FullmetalHobbit Joined 1y ago
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Hello again, i finished my model import over Terry but when i play with to test it the model is invi...
My model import is invisible in game Answered vEstevo avatar
access_time 4d remove_red_eye 87 mode_comment 2
I've seen some editing here and there but  not how they're doing it or how far so i was ju...
how far is moveset editing ? Solved KingEngine avatar access_time 5d remove_red_eye 387 mode_comment 6
Hi, i am new at modding, and i am trying to do a model import over Terry, the problem is when i open...
I cant find Terrys model in the Data.arc Solved vEstevo avatar
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I got an error when trying to install mods. Saying mod out of date.. or something like that ... Now ...
How to update data.ark? Answered kevincondrick avatar
kevincondrick Joined 8d ago
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Hey, Bananites! Can someone give me Terry's "GO!" Meter Icon (Preferably in Gif), please?Thanks for ...
Terry's "GO!" Meter Solved NicolasGames avatar
NicolasGames Joined 14d ago
79 points Ranked 72600th
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Custom Smash online. Hello everyone. I am a complete noob to smash hacking and modding. I've seen a lot of videos that ch...
Custom Smash Online Answered ExPlayer01 avatar
ExPlayer01 Joined 6d ago
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Model Importing Texture Question. In the Character Model Importing Guide, is says to add textures to your model "you want to select yo...
Model Import Texture Question Unanswered jmanthejerk avatar
jmanthejerk Joined 29d ago
access_time 7d remove_red_eye 175
Screen goes black with music after picking a mode in smash.
Issues with smash not loading in the roster Answered Pablinex avatar
Pablinex Joined 11d ago
access_time 8d remove_red_eye 188 mode_comment 3
I was wondering how to export textures to edit and reimport back into the game to create custom cost...
How to export Textures Answered BurgerKingRei024 avatar
BurgerKingRei024 Joined 3y ago
246 points Ranked 53524th
access_time 8d remove_red_eye 179 mode_comment 4
6.0.0 Offsets.txt. I'm not able to find the offsets.txt for Smash version 6.0.0, so I'm not able to install decompresse...
6.0.0 Offsets.txt Solved watermelonnp avatar
watermelonnp Joined 8mo ago
196 points Ranked 56595th
access_time 8d remove_red_eye 1.2k mode_comment 2
Modding SSBU. I would like to know how to make my own color swaps for skins or to add in full body swaps. can some...
Modding SSBU Answered Notorious_Taps avatar
Notorious_Taps Joined 8d ago
access_time 8d favorite 1 remove_red_eye 528 mode_comment 1
Infinite load after mod selection.. Infinite loading (smash logo spins in bottom right corner) after selecting modded character. Any ide...
Infinite loading after selecting Mod Character Solved jmanthejerk avatar
jmanthejerk Joined 29d ago
access_time 9d remove_red_eye 1.1k mode_comment 7
So When I play my webm file on my pc its fine, but when I have the mod in ultimate the video speeds ...
How do I fix webm to work properly Unanswered doubledooooter avatar
doubledooooter Joined 12d ago
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Looking for the file which holds the stage names that appear on the stage selection screen. If anyon...
Stage Selection Screen title location? Solved BjUjT avatar
BjUjT Joined 2mo ago
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