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How To Add A Fun Fact/Tip Loading Scrren?

A Question for Baldi's Basics

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You know how in Baldi's Basics Extensive Edition, Baldi's Basics In A Little Bit Of Everything, In mostly like every cool decompile there is a loading screen with a tip for the player and or a fun fact about the developer of the decompiler and a background that goes with it? Well, i wanna know how to do that!
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    access_time 2mo edit 2mo

    As a person who's made this I can show you how, this is how I do it.
    1. Canvas

    1. Make a canvas called loading screen

    2. Make sure you have a:
    Text that should overlap with the image
    Raw Image that is the whole size of the canvas, this is your "screen background
    Make sure these are all seperate GameObjects that are a child of the Canvas.

    Put the scale on the image currently to 
    X:0 Y: Depends Z:0 and also make sure the Text area is as long as how long you want the image to be. 

    3. Import # amount of textures, this will be the textures for your screen background. Remeber the number you have LATER

    2. Coding

    1. Make a new Script called something like LoadingScreenScript and put it on the Canvas as a component

    2. Make these variables (Make sure you're using UnityEngine.UI and UnityEngine.SceneManagment)
    public RawImage screenBackground;
    public Texture[] screenTextures = Texture[number of textures you've imported];
    public Image textArea;
    public Text tipText;
    public string[] tipTexts = new string[(number of textures you have])
           (Put all the string for yoyr tips here, make sure you seperate them with COMMAS)

    3. Make a void called LoadLevel(int sceneIndex)
    -and also make an IEnumerator called LoadToLevel(int sceneIndex)

    4. In the LoadLevel void put
    5. In the LoadToLevel IEnunerator put

    int index = UnityEngine.Random.Range(0f, [number of texts you have - 1]);
    this.tipText.text = tipTexts[index];
    this.screenBackground.texture = this.screenTextures[index];
    while (this.textArea.transform.localScale.x < [your amount])
         float increaseFactor = 20f;
         this.textArea.localScale += new Vector3(increaseFactor * Time.deltaTime, 0f, 0f);
         yield return null;

    6. Now save it and put all the references in the editor

    7. Go to the StartButtonScript and make a new variable:
    public LoadingScreenScript lss;

    Now replace the SceneManager.LoadScene("School"); with
    (2 is the buildIndex of the School scene btw)
    And your done!
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