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MIDI collection - Touhou Project (Retro era)

A Project for GameBanana

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1. 1 - Highly Responsive to Prayers

A Sacred Lot (unknown) (unknown 2) (Piano only) (Blargzargo) (Blargzargo Hlaaluington and ZUN)
Eternal Shrine Maiden (unknown) (ZUN) (Piano only) (Blargzargo) (Blargzargo Hlaaluington and ZUN)
The Positive and Negative (unknown) (TheDUBSpeedArts) (Blargzargo)
Highly Responsive to Prayers (unknown) (Susumu Takajima) (Blargzargo)
Strange Oriental Discourse (unknown) (ZUN) (Blargzargo)
Angel's Legend (unknown) (unknown 2) (Blargzargo)
Oriental Magician (unknown) (unknown 2) (Blargzargo)
Blade of Banishment (unknown) (Susumu Takajima) (Blargzargo)
Magic Mirror - Jigoku (unknown) (Susumu Takajima) (Blargzargo)
Magic Mirror - Makai (Blargzargo)
the Legend of KAGE (unknown) (ZUN) (Blargzargo)
Now, Until the Moment You Die (unknown) (ryoya1295) (Blargzargo) (Blargzargo Hlaaluington and ZUN)
We Shall Die Together (unknown) (Blargzargo)
Swordsman of a Distant Star (unknown) (Blargzargo)
Iris (unknown) (ZUN) (Blargzargo)
-unused tracks-
Shrine of the Wind (unknown) (Blargzargo) (Blargzargo  Hlaaluington and ZUN) (Kitaichi Rei)

2. 2 - Story of Eastern Wonderland

Eastern Record of the Sealing of a Demon ~ Pure Land Mandala (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00) (Wobuffet3) (ZUN) (Blargzargo)
Hakurei ~ Eastern Wind (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00) (TheDUBSpeedArts) (Blargzargo)
She's in a temper!! (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00) (FlyingYoshi) (Blargzargo) (sweetmusic)
End of Daylight (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00) (TheDUBSpeedArts) (Blargzargo) (sweetmusic)
Power of Darkness (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00) (Blargzargo)
World of Empty Dreams (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00) (Blargzargo)
Bet on Death (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00) (Blargzargo)
Himorogi, Burn in Violet (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00) (Blargzargo)
Love-coloured Magic (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00 - Alt. Version) (Blargzargo)
Eastern Record of the Sealing of a Demon ~ A Phantom's Boisterous Dance (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00) (Blargzargo)
Complete Darkness (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00) (CommonShitSandwich) (Blargzargo) (sweetmusic)
Extra Love (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00) (Blargzargo)
The Tank Girl's Dream (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00) (Wobuffet3) (Blargzargo)
Forest of Tono (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00) (TheDUBSpeedArts) (Blargzargo)
Legendary Wonderland (ZUN & Mr_KrzYch00) (Blargzargo)

3. 3 - Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream

A Dream Transcending Space-Time (Blargzargo)
Selection (Wobuffet3) (Blargzargo)
Eastern Mystical Love Consultation (Blargzargo)
Reincarnation (TheDUBSpeedArts) (Blargzargo) (rongns_2)
Dim. Dream (Blargzargo)
Tabula rasa ~ The Empty Girl (ZUN) (Piano Only) (Blargzargo)
Maniacal Princess (Blargzargo)
Vanishing Dream ~ Lost Dream (ZUN) (gondayu) (ALiCE) (unknown) (unknown 2) (Piano Only) (Blargzargo) (rongns_2) (sweetmusic)
Visionary Game ~ Dream War (Blargzargo)
Decisive Magic Battle! ~ Fight it out! (unknown) (Blargzargo)
Disunified Field Theory of Magic (Blargzargo)
Sailor of Time (unknown) (Ezequiel-TM) (Blargzargo)
Love of Magical Chimes (CommonShitSandwich) (Blargzargo)
Strawberry Crisis!! (unknown) (Wobuffet3) (CommonShitSandwich) (average) (Blargzargo) (sweetmusic) (Hasaraito)
Dream of Eternity (Blargzargo)
Eastern Blue Sky (Blargzargo)
Eternal Full Moon (ZUN) (Blargzargo)
Maple Dream... (Blargzargo)
Ghostly Person's Holiday (Blargzargo)
Game Over (Blargzargo)
You Win ... (Blargzargo)

4. 4 - Lotus Land Story

Init (Blargzargo)
Gensokyo ~ Lotus Land Story (Blargzargo)
Witching Dream (ZUN) (Blargzargo)
Selene's Light (unknown) (Blargzargo)
Decoration Battle (Blargzargo)
Break the Sabbath (Blargzargo)
Scarlet Symphony ~ Scarlet Phoneme (Wobuffeet3) (Blargzargo)
Bad Apple!! (Average & NamelessLegacy) (icebhm23230) (Blargzargo)
Spirit Battle ~ Perdition crisis (ZUN) (TheDUBSpeedArts) (Blargzargo)
Alice Maestra (ZUN) (yoshimo) (Blargzargo)
Maiden's Capriccio (ZUN) (Blargzargo)
Vessel of Stars ~ Casket of Star (ZUN) (Blargzargo)
Lotus Love (unknown) (Blargzargo)
Sleeping Terror (ZUN) (ALiCE) (icebhm23230) (Blargzargo)
Dream Land (unknown) (CommonShitSandwich) (Blargzargo)
Faint Dream ~ Inanimate Dream (ZUN) (Wobuffet3) (CommonShitSandwich) (icebhm23230 - GM) (icebnm23230 - XG) (Blargzargo)
The Inevitably Forbidden Game (ZUN) (Blargzargo)
Illusion of a Maid ~ Icemilk Magic (Wobuffet3) (Blargzargo)
Cute Devil ~ Innocence (NamelessLegacy) (Wobuffet3) (Blargzargo)
Days (Ruukasu) (Blargzargo)
Peaceful (Blargzargo)
Those Who Live in Illusions (Blargzargo)
Arcadian Dream (Blargzargo)

5. 5 - Mystic Square

Wondrous Tales of Romance ~ Mystic Square (icebhm23230) (TouhouMIDICreator & TheDUBSpeedArts)
Dream Express (ZUN)
Magic Formation ~ Magic Square (icebhm23230)
Spiritual Heaven (Susumu Takajima)
Dimension of Reverie (ZUN) (ryoya1295) (icebhm23230)
Romantic Children (ZUN) (sweetmusic)
Plastic Mind (icebhm23230) (sweetmusic)
Maple Wise (ZUN)
Forbidden Magic (ZUN)
Crimson Maiden ~ Crimson Dead!! (ZUN)
Treacherous Maiden ~ Judas Kiss (ZUN)
Doll's Story ~ Doll of Misery (icebhm23230)
End of the World ~ World's End (ShinkoNetCavy)
The Last Judgement (icebhm23230) (ZUN)
Legendary Illusion ~ Infinite Being (unknown)
Alice in wonderland (ZUN) (icebhm23230) (rongns_2) (sweetmusic)
The Grimoire of Alice (SonicMaster) (Ruukasu2005) (Wobuffet3)
Eternal Paradise (Susumu Takajima) (Wobuffet3)
Peaceful Romancer (ZUN) (ryoya1295)
Mystic Dream (CommonShitSandwich)
Endless (TheDUBSpeedArts)


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