Sonic Mania Plus: Serena Mix

A Project for Sonic Mania


Version 2.1
  • Addition Added Mario & Luigi
  • Overhaul Added Chemical Plant Sonic Forces Theme over Chemical Plant Zone at Sonic & Serena Mix
Version 2.0
  • Addition Add new Ray Full Speed
  • Overhaul Added Star Shores Act 3 over Sunny Shore Act 1 At Sonic & Serena Mix
  • Overhaul Add Green Hill Act 2 Sonic 1 Remix over Green Hill Act 2 at Alternate Soundtrack
  • Overhaul Added Cyan City Boss Act over Green Hill Act 2 at Sonic & Serena Mix
This mod will be used Megamix songs are: Sonic Mix, Serena Mix, Original Soundtracks, and Alternate Soundtracks. This mod will different zones: Sunny Shore (Green Hill & Encore Green Hill), Chemical Plant, Studiopolis, Sky Fortress (Flying Battery & Encore Flying Battery), Press Garden, Stardust Speedway, Tidal Tempest (Hydrocity & Encore Hydrocity), Desert Shore (Mirage Saloon & Encore Mirage Saloon), Oil Factory (Oil Ocean & Encore Oil Ocean), Volcano Fortress (Lava Reef & Encore Lava Reef), Metallic Madness, Metallic Tower Monarch (Titanic Monarch & Encore Titanic Monarch), & Doomsday (Egg Reverie). And also Sonic, Mighty & Ray has voices on SegaSonic Arcade. And lastly, Dr. Eggman (a.k.a. Dr. Ivo Robotnik) has SA1, SA2, and Sonic Heroes Voice. 


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Add The Mix Mode at the Main Menu
I Am... All of Me over Oil Ocean Act 2
Infinite Boss 1 over Heavy Shinobi Boss Theme
Infinite Boss 2 Over Heavy Magician/Heavy Rider Boss Theme
Infinite Boss 3 over Heavy King Boss Theme
Crisis City (SG) over Titanic Monarch Act 1 Classic & Titanic Monarch Act 2 Modern Theme
Dear My Friend Serena Vocals over Press Garden Act 2 Theme
Death Egg Robot Phase 3 over Egg Reverie Boss Theme
Metallic Madness Present Over MMZ Act 1 Theme
Work It Out Serena Vocals (Sonic R) over Oil Ocean Act 1
Speed Up (SA1) over Speed Up
Invincible (SA2) over Invincible Theme
Can you feel the Sunshine Serena Vocals over Press Garden Zone Act 1 Theme
Theme of Eggman (SA2) over Flying Battery Act 1 & 2/Eggman Boss 1 & 2/Mean Bean Boss Theme
Unknown from Me over Chemical Plant Theme
Live and Learn over Studiopolis Act 1 Theme
Egg Dragoon Phase 2 over Studiopolis Act 1 Boss
Egg Dragoon over Mini Boss Theme
You Can Do Anything over Studiopolis Act 2 Theme
Endless Possibilities Serena Vocals over Super/Credits/Main Menu/Stardust Speedway Act 2 Theme
1-20 of 52
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