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GO: Nuke - A Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6.

CSGO Nuke Remake for CS 1.6

GO: Nuke (Bomb/Defuse) - by Meowth

Original creators:

- Jo Bieg (original author)
- Valve Corporation
- Turtle Rock Studios
- Hidden Path Entertainment

Special thanks (Bug reports):
- papaschlange
- TheBlackTuna
- ThePrince2231206

Nukegrnd texture replacement:
- The Professional

Modified skybox author:
- mp_plains by "The Mighty Pete"

Counter-Terrorists: Prevent Terrorists from bombing the nuclear reactor. The reactor can be targeted from above and below. Team members must defuse any bombs that threaten targeted areas.

Terrorists: The Terrorist carrying the C4 must destroy the nuclear missile.

Other Notes: There are 2 bomb targets in the mission.

Important info: Navigation mesh is still in development so expect some bots to go crazy in some areas:

  • Sometimes stuck when trying to go down using Crawlspace in A ( Ladder problem in mesh, still don't know how to fix it. )
  • Bots can't go roofs! ( For now ) because of complications in putting navmesh in a brush entity. Soon will be fixed
  • Bots can't reach some ladders.

If you find bug(s) on this map, just post on my profile and include screenshots if possible.

Download the detail textures here:
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  • update pls

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  • calamity! avatar
    calamity! Joined 2y ago
    2y 2y
    I really wish this would get updated to be more like the current csgo nuke.
    Great map but it definitely could use some changes.
    Especially things like removing the outside catwalk, changing some of the sounds for vents, doors, rafters, changing the vents, and removing the storage room at B among other things.

    The outside catwalk (Even being there) and vent having the same sounds as running on the ground is the worst.

    Great work on the map though.
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  • Ice_sonic avatar
    Ice_sonic Joined 2y ago
    Only one question
    Does the door break?
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    Mark Tven The Wolverines Flag
    The Wolverines
    I am all for maps like this one... people need to continue transforming maps from other engines in cs 1.6... it's great idea and definetly keep it up.
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  • workerq1 avatar
    workerq1 Joined 5y ago
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    I'm wondering if you can make the sky/ambient light brighter like the old version of this map? 
    Worker at work.
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  • CloneCommOmar avatar
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    Could you reupload the detail textures? The ones in the link were deleted.
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  • woop avatar
    woop Joined 4y ago
    Almost perfect. Textures are present from CS:GO, but some map problems are present. Please change the skybox. The skybox must be noon time.
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    Everytime you recreate a map in 1.6, Valve hugely update or completely recreate their own map xd
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    Stay Wholesome!
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  • workerq1 avatar
    workerq1 Joined 5y ago
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    Sooo, how's everyone's opinion about the new Nuke update? 
    Worker at work.
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    4y 4y
    while you fixed most issues, some still remain. ill send more info later today.

    though most importantly, doors should be use only, meaning they should open only when you press the use key and not when you push them, vents shouldnt break on touch, and draw distance still depends at the angle you are looking at for some models
    Againts the grain
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