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de_dust2_2020 - A Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6.

Stylized reimagination of the Dust II game environment, now with rooftop action. Released exactly 20 years after the original map! This is a pack of 2 maps for Counter-Strike:
de_dust2_2020 — Most areas are accessible
de_dust2_2020_se — Simplified edition for competitive play


M Dust2020Crte3T
D Dust2020Road
D Dust2020RoadTgt
D Dust2020Sand
D Dust2020Sand2
D Dust2020Sand3
D Dust2020Sand4
D Dust2020Sand5
D Dust2020Sand7
W Dust2020BrrlT
W Dust2020Crte2S
W Dust2020Crte2T
W Dust2020Crte2Tb
W Dust2020Wood
T Dust2020Tile

Video settings

brightness 1
gamma 2.5

Common errors

  • Cache_TryAlloc: n is greater then free hunk
Try the -heapsize 131072 parameter to increase allocated memory for the game to 128MB. If you are still getting this problem, you may have not enough RAM available. This could be due to having too many plugins or custom content installed
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    r_speeds are high, but the aesthetic and tactical quality is excellent. SE crashes my game.
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  • cosminatx avatar
    cosminatx Joined 1y ago
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    your skills are right there , but the map has too many places to hide /camp and get ambushed / lag/  also the size ....

    simple is better sometimes, you do have the skills and eye for details , try some fy_  maps :)
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  • TheHexagon avatar
    TheHexagon Joined 4mo ago
    Loved these maps.
    Users complain about lag.
    Most get less than 1fps.
    My server has 192GB of RAM.
    A few days ago, the map just crashed.
    Reinstalled with a brand new ZIP download. Crash.
    We love the map.  The server is more than capable of supporting it.
     My machine is a brand new gaming rig capable of rendering ANY game, but this map, for some reason, causes really bad framerates on everyone.
    I want to be able to run it, but first we have to figure out how to fix it.
    Any ideas?
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    This is fucking amazing
    ex. ShotShellX
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  • CombatCrab avatar
    CombatCrab Joined 2y ago
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    This is insanely well made, and looks very pretty. I'd like to see whats next for your future mapping endeavors.

    Nuke 2021?

    haha, cheers.
    A crab with a gun.
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    Sex with my GF
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    Euniqho15 Filipino Makers Flag
    Filipino Makers
    good but it's a little laggy for low in device
    Philippine Special Force avatar
    Philippine Special Force
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  • Playing for a while on the map, it turned off the game by itself, I repeated it several times and always the same effect and entered -heapsize 131072 in the launch options. Anyone know how to fix this problem?
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    Scan ~.^
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    1y 1y
    This map is Laggy please fix it
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    Remember respect is everything
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    This is perfect, and it will be forever
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  • feruchio avatar
    feruchio Joined 5y ago
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    guys we got this map on our cs server if you wanna try it out, join and write nomenu to nominate (or the name of the map) it and then rtv to change the map ip and dicsocrd you can find on our forum -> and you are welcome to join and have some nostalgia fun :P
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