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Personalized Physics - A Mod for Sonic Generations

makes modern sonic handle better

here's a list of all the changes I made if you feel like reading, this list doesn't include the adjustments the original author made

P.S. sorry if I accidentally leave anything out, I forget all of the adjustments I made

  • your default top speed is increased from 80 mps to 120 mps
  • trick pads and rings don't put the game in an awkward slow motion
  • the acceleration skill is also useless cuz I made the default acceleration faster as well
  • you run out of boost a LOT faster, so use it wisely!
  • boost no longer regains from drifting and rings only give about 20% the energy they used to, so it's a lot harder to regain boost as well
  • no more ring magnet effect when you boost
  • boosting also affects your handling a lot less, it won't make it much harder to turn
  • rings have a slightly larger hitbox (but so do some other objects like red rings and breakable rocks as a side effect)
  • jumping doesn't slow you down anymore (well it does but only by 0.1)
  • you jump a LOT higher
  • light speed dash can be done from a greater distance, so you won't mess up the timing
  • you can push blocks WAY faster just in case you don't have any boost to kick it forward
  • rails that curve up won't slow you down while grinding on them (at least I think)
  • your homing attack has a LOT more range
  • you can move freely from side to side during most quickstep segments, where normally you're forced to quickstep from side to side
  • drifting has been made much sharper


I want to be able to run on water and crash through obstacles WITHOUT boosting, idk how tho