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Better FxPipeline - A Mod for Sonic Generations


Better FxPipeline v1.11 4mo
  • Improvement Fixed UI getting frozen during loading.
Better FxPipeline v1.10 6mo Addition Feature Better FxPipeline v1.9 6mo Addition Better FxPipeline v1.8 1y Addition Better FxPipeline v1.7 1y BugFix2 Addition
FxPipeline Renderer is a leftover version of Sonic Unleashed renderer in Sonic Generations. It supports features that the vanilla renderer does not support, like directional shadows and lightshafts. However, in its vanilla state, the renderer is incredibly broken! This mod attempts to fix many of these issues and add extra features. These include:
  • Fixed scaling for Depth of Field and Bloom Glare to work correctly at all resolutions.
  • Particles are now affected by post processing.
  • Allows for downsampling and supersampling of the internal resolution.
  • No longer needs codes, shader mods or alternate executables to work.
  • Allows you to select between variety of bloom shaders.

Also included with the mod is a configuration file (BetterFxPipeline.ini), where you can select which of said features you want enabled. 

You can also configure it through HedgeModManager. (right click on mod -> Configure mod)

NOTE: You do not need to (and should not) enable Unleashed FxPipeline Shaders mod or the FxPipeline Renderer (through alternate executable or HedgeModManager code). 

Make sure Enable FxPipeline code in HedgeModManager IS DISABLED.

NOTE: The mod does not change the shadow map resolution. Use the HedgeModManager codes to upscale it.

Bloom type

The mod allows you to switch between various bloom shaders. These include:

Sonic Generations

This shader is recommended to be used in vanilla Sonic Generations stages and level mods. It's strict when including objects in bloom, but it's very colorful.

Sonic Unleashed

Sonic Unleashed bloom shader is recommended to be used in Sonic Unleashed stage ports. It's very relaxed when including objects in bloom (like jumpball) and it's very colorful.

FxPipeline Renderer (Legacy)

FxPipeline Renderer bloom shader is the original shader for the early renderer. It's in the middle when it comes to including objects in bloom, but it looks very white. You're not recommended to use this shader unless you prefer how it looks or a stage mod was designed for it.

Overriding in stage mods

Stage mods can override this value in SceneEffect.prm.xml. You can use Parameter Editor to change it under SceneEffect.prm.xml -> BloomStar -> Extra.

Known issues

These are issues that are in the FxPipeline Renderer by default and are not exclusive to this mod. As time goes on, all the problems will eventually be fixed.
  • 3D mode does not work.
  • Game randomly switches to 3D mode, albeit super rarely.
  • Character portraits do not appear in the collection room.
  • White world color restoration is broken.
  • Title screen acts weirdly with transparent materials.
  • A weird blur appears in front of Sonic when FPS is not equal to 60.
  • Loading screen sometimes shows borked images instead of actual text.
  • Rescue cutscenes crash when subtitles are enabled.

Other than these, if you find any bugs in the mod, please report them.

This mod requires HedgeModManager and Generations Code Loader to work!

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  • Tkain avatar
    Tkain Joined 4y ago
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    This obviously isn't a priority as far as development goes, but is there a way you could allow the FxPipeline renderer to follow the vanilla game's FXAA settings by default? Maybe have a 'Default' option for FXAA intensity (alongside the other settings) that puts it at medium if the FXAA flag is on in Generations' config menu and turns it off if it isn't. It might reduce confusion among new users.
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  • How do you make sure Make sure enable FxPipeline code in HedgeModManager is disabled.
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  • Malaphar avatar
    Malaphar Joined 3mo ago
    87 points Ranked 69,976th
    Can I use this in Sonicgmi if I don't care for customization?
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  • Trayfellow avatar
    Trayfellow username pic Joined 4y ago
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    i pray for one day that weird blur at sonic when you dont have 60fps will be fixed
    • Agree x 1
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  • GravityLoL avatar
    GravityLoL Joined 3y ago
    198 points Ranked 63,598th
    I rememer how big blast it was when FxPipeline was first made public. One wonders how much more we can pull off with this
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  • Jake64 avatar
    Jake64 Joined 6mo ago
    4mo 3mo
    a nice mod for your game to look nicer, really liked it
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  • Emplexx avatar
    Emplexx Joined 5mo ago
    I'm having a weird issue, the mod won't work no matter what. I installed it according to instructions (no other fxpipeline mods/codes are enabled) but the game looks the same. Other mods, like high res HUD for example, work fine. Am I doing something wrong? 
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  • Arashi28 avatar
    Arashi28 Joined 9mo ago
    9mo 9mo
    When i actiavte the mod, when i move Sonic, he has a weird blurry effect in front of him him even in the slightest movement. Is that supposed to happen? Am i doing something wrong.
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  • Amazinggamer2000 avatar
    Amazinggamer2000 Joined 11mo ago
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    game doesn't startup
    Just a gamer
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  • Okay, I understand that Enable FxPipeline should not be checked in codes. Does the Unleashed FxPipeline Shaders mod need to be turned off/removed when using this mod? I assume that this should be enabled when playing Unleashed Project levels?
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