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Retaken Sanity - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'

Starving Artist 2

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    elo xd lubie placki

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    I tried to unzip the mod file but axol's JSON file won't went me
    i have a sneaking suspicion this is intentional
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  • Tokyo Ghoul anime be like:
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    man, this mod was soo good that i needed to do a video, great job!

    para las personas que quieran saber qué dice la historia ahí dejo un video

    no c, idk
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  • I tried to download the mod but when I booted up the mod it just said value exception and closed down can someone help me
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    songs r rlly easy rlly fun and entertaining 10/10

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  • my favorite mod! very cute and wholesome! never thought starving artis would get a sequel, but here it is! was worth the wait! alot better than the regular starving artis, but that one was good too. 9/10!
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    2mo 2mo
    TLDR; Wasn't a fan of Starving artist, really  wasn't. But this was actually pretty.. good? Not gonna lie. It still has a good chunk of flaws, but as a collective piece, this is certainly one I'll keep in my FNF folder.

    (This review is a merge of multiple comments I left over a playthrough)

    I was kinda feelin it. 

    The last mod I just saw as edgelord sympathy bait, wasn't a fan. 
    This one, the first song went on, and I was kinda getting into it. Still really damn edgy, but that isn't always a bad thing and can be done well. 
    Once the song was like, halfway through and I was more immersed into it, it was actually pretty alright. 
    The dialogue and voice acting was a LITTLE iffy, but pretty good considering most fnf mods. The art was well done as well. Loved the reference to Garcello.

    And then bf talked. 

    And he sounded like Marvin Martian at age 12. 

    That is absolutely one of the WORST English bf voices I have ever heard. If you update this mod again, use the voice actor for bf that bbpanzu used in VS Sunday. That one was probably the most fitting bf voice that didn't try and stick with a.. high pitched take

    Or at least just remove the voice filter? Cause the va themselves sounds pretty alright, just the pitch makes it sound atrocious 


    Another thing, it's pretty cool being against bf, (even if its a character we know nothing about) but.. I cant be the only one who thinks his face is WAY off?


    I'll just keep going with this as I play, the animations are stiff. ESPECIALLY bf. They seem either lazy or extremely lacking personality. Bf's arm in the third song doesn't even look like its part of his body

    Rebecca's 'confident' sprites in the third song felt just as stiff as the others though, sadly. That third song also certainly overstayed its welcome, could do with a trim.

    I will say though, love Rebecca's demon design. It's both cute and pretty damn cool. The animation in the cutscenes are also really good! Especially the one right before the fourth song.

    Actually pretty disappointed you don't play as Rebecca in the fourth song. REALLY disappointed, actually. She looked really cool and it would've been fun to battle a dude in a huge dj setup. But instead we play as a character we have no reason to want to win? His animations were stiff as well. Look at camellia, there could be way more style here. I like the miss sprite though.


    ..The beginning cutscene of parasocial isn't supposed to be taken seriously, right? Like I'm sorry but that was written like a yandere wattpad fanfiction and it didnt help you had some "top 10 scariest unexplained paranormal events" on the mic. It nearly made me laugh.

    That song was a BANGER though??? Like, I really didnt expect to end up liking a song from this mod, but that one was GOOD. Not only the song itself, but the charting, the suspense, the animations, and having to dodge while he sung kept you on your toes and was pretty damn cool. It was GOOD. Like, REALLY good, I really liked it.

    And then they sung actual words? It was a surprise, but it actually wasn't horrible. Kinnndddd of a banger? kinda, just, meh. But it wasn't bad. Rebecca's response vocals were kinda, bad sometimes. But bad in a way that matched her character, so I don't know if that was intentional, but it was really clever. And made me enjoy it a bit more.
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    the link said free robux
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  • are the flash files for characters available?
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