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Confidant Follow-up Event Backport - A Mod for Persona 5


Update 2.4.3 27d
  • BugFix fixed - Kawakami rank 9 event wouldn't work properly
  • BugFix fixed - portraits appearing on the wrong side of the text box
Update 2.4.2 28d BugFix2 Update 2.4.1 28d BugFix Update 2.4 28d Tweak BugFix Update 2.3 1mo BugFix Addition
This mod backports all of the confidant follow-up events from p5r. this includes all of the post rank 1 scenes and phone calls for other ranks, and all of the events will play after their respective confidant rank events

P5R font is required for all text to display properly, link below.

P.S. Before reporting a missing followup event, please refer to this guide to make sure that that event exists. 

P.P.S. Ann rank 9 does not have a followup event if you friendzone her, and Kawakami rank 9 does not have a followup event if you romance her
  • Zelkin avatar
    Zelkin Joined 3mo ago
    There is a remaining untranslated kanji in mishima's lvl 2 confident follow up
    Best grill
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  • Hellme avatar
    Hellme Joined 1mo ago
    28d 28d
    Version: 2.4.1
    Playtime: 2021-09-24 @00:40 GMT+7
    Problem: Makoto call triggered instead of Sojiro @rank 2 call I it seems Sojiro follow up and Makoto follow up get swapped, i don't know the details, i just at 4/25.
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  • Think there's an issue,

    Least on my end with this recent update, the mod is trying to load e700_300.PAK which doesn't exist, like it's not on the mod folder

    What am I doing wrong?
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  • Qwefe avatar
    Qwefe Joined 2mo ago
    When i finish rank 2 kawakami and its time for follow-up, the game locks up with

    F VM: Access violation reading location 0x13c (unmapped memory) [type=u32]

    tried with only p5r font and newest rpcs3 built

    Console log -
    RPCS3.log -
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    I have a question does this also give the player points for the confidant like in royal
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