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HD UI for Persona 2 - Innocent Sin - A Mod for Persona 2: Innocent Sin

Updates the textures of Persona 2: Innocent Sin to upscaled variants.

This mod is a port of a post made by Ryuubu on the PPSSPP forums; adding and upscaling a lot of the UI elements of Persona 2: Innocent Sin.

Elements Modified:

- Most fonts
- Title Screen
- Most portraits
- All battle UI elements
- All characters' general portraits
- Most NPC character portraits
- Cut-in attack animations (Fusion Spells)
- Shop banners
- Maps

Work In Progress Elements

- Cards
- Smaller shop icons
- Fonts in the Credits
- Misc. UI Elements


Modding in these textures is actually quite easy.

First, open your .iso of Persona 2: Innocent Sin in the PPSSPP emulator
Then, head back to the menu, and create a "game config" by right clicking on the game, and then clicking "Create Game Config"

Next, click on "Game Settings," heading to
"Tools," then, "Developer tools,"
Scroll down and check the box called "Replace Textures"

From there; go into the files of your PPSSPP emulator; head to your "memstick" folder, and then "PSP."

Find a folder named "TEXTURES," if there isn't one; create it.
Inside that folder, create another new folder named "ULUS10584"
Drop the downloaded files inside that folder, and then play your game!.

For some extra brownie points; you can turn on Texture Filtering and set Screen Scaling to Linear. This should provide an even better picture.

Closing Remarks

As stated before, this mod is a port of a forum post made on the PPSSPP forums, seen here.

I have done some work on the mod itself, but the main credits should go to the others involved for getting the project started.

I HAVE received permission from Ryuubu to upload this mod to Gamebanana,

When the mod receives an update; I will update the download here, as well.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about the mod, various missed portraits, etc. Please comment them below, I will answer them as soon as possible.


Misc. UI Elements 90% Re-do font in Credits Upscale small shop icons Low Priority Upscale all cards High Priority
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    Okay, this looks amazing. I'm just working on Persona 2 (trying to figure out how to extract the dialogues and the UI. I want to translate the game. spanish). 
    But I haven't made much progress with the HEX editor. As I'm not a programmer (I'm learning).
    Anyway, I'll try this mod, the textures look amazing!!!.
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