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CES Green Hill Zone - A Mod for Sonic Mania


One more thing! 7mo
  • Amendment Both the sunflower disk and one of the Newtrons share the same green. Turning the disk magenta also turned the Newtron magenta. What an interesting prototype reference.

You are welcome, everyone!

Welcome to Green Hill Zone. Though it looks quite different... I've went ahead and looked at various b-roll footage of the zone from the CES Prototypes and even based a layout off of the dumped prototype that was released on New Years of 2021. Several chunks that were unused in the prototype make an appearance here, most notably chunk 2A, where its border tiles are used in the 8-bit version of Green Hill Zone. The Act 1 background has its chunk order changed to match the prototype's order so that the big waterfall appears earlier than it does in the final. 

The music used is borrowed from the dumped Prototype for Act 1. The Tokyo Toy Show variant of the song from this video is for Act 2:

The latter song was edited so that the beginning part is extended a la Masa's Demo. Both songs were given a reverb effect to sound a bit louder but still pleasing to the ears.
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    it,s good 
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    Heya! I really enjoy the mod, but I found a few spots with particularly buggy collision, might wanna take a look at it when you can. Also, there were just some sprite layering issues, like springs and monitors showing over the tree instead of behind it. Other than that the mod was really good, I liked the level design a lot and is a nice change of pace from playing Mania's Green Hill all the time, would definitely recommend this mod to anyone who wants to have a new and fresh GHZ and for anyone who likes a bit of a longer level. (I know I do!) Hope you find a way to fix these issues and make the mod even better! (Check the pictures for some sort of hint of where the problem is, might not be too helpful though...)
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