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Hyper Sonic 2021 - A Mod for Sonic Generations


Hyper Classic Sonic Improvement 29d
  • Improvement Added a mini mod as a fix for a Classic Sonic Physics issue.
For some reason I was having issues with Showin's improved Classic Sonic physics as some springs were shooting Hyper Sonic off the map still. 

I had changed some of the physics further to make a proper Classic Hyper Sonic, but I screwed something up.

This time I started the whole process over again and think I got it working correctly. 

Instead of completely replacing the V108 variants I simply am releasing a mini-mod with no graphics files that can be run on top of any of the Hyper Sonic variants. 

Make sure Hedgemodmanager is loading top to bottom. 
Version 108 1mo BugFix Unleashed Project mini mod update V007 2mo Version 107 2mo Improvement Version 103 2mo BugFix

Hyper Sonic 2021 Mod for Generations

 Classic Hyper Sonic's double jump: has to be activated to be used. That is because it is a further modified version of the electric shield. It is invisible and also lasts in water. To activate, make sure you are using the skill set "Hyper Spark". After you transform into Hyper Sonic, take a few steps forward. Those forward steps are essential. Then, press the same button you used to transform again several times quickly. Then try double jumping. - This is also why it is essential that you enable save file redirection in Hedgemodmanager

 Area effect attack/ Sonic Boom/ Hyper Flash: Use the same button you used to transform at any time. It is on all of both Classic and Modern Sonic's skill sets. It's invisible in Modern Sonic's skill sets, but it is there and it still works. Again, do NOT mess with the skill sets. 
                 It uses a modified version of "ring time". It now has unlimited charges and the enemy killing effect last less than a second, functioning as a Hyper Flash, with the bonus of sometimes leaving rings behind.
                 You can even kill flying badniks that are normally impossible to kill with it. For example, in the final chase part of Rooftop Run, you can even use it to kill all the flying Robots that shoot lasers at you, and it will even knock the ground robots up into the big flying craft.
                 It works any time, so long as you are not flying or auto-piloting.  If you have the Auto-Pilot OFF mod activated, and you are just boosting over the ground like normal, then you can use the Hyper Flash. You just cannot be during flight or auto-piloting. 
    - This ability is another reason it is essential that you enable save file redirection in Hedgemodmanager        

IMPORTANT: If you prefer to use Skyth's BetterFXpipeline, adjust the configuration so this mod looks it's best. In the example pictures is a screen cap of the configuration I suggest. Try those settings before telling me that Hyper Sonic "needs less opaque aura particles" or "his colors look too dark in the shade." You can also run the mod without BetterFXpipeline, as Hyper Sonic looks fantastic with the normal effects that Sonic Generations comes with. For more about BetterFXpipeline:

IMPORTANT 2: For this you will need the Hedgemodmanager (not gmi) put together by SUPERSONIC16, Sajid, Radfordhound,Korma,Skyth, PTKickass, and Michele. Make sure to enable save file redirection in the settings.

IMPORTANT 3: DO NOT load a separate save file! Do Not mess with the skills on the current save file! The save file built into the mod has all the skills you need already on it, including Hyper Sonic's area effect attacks. Some of his skills are invisible if you try looking at them in the skill menu. If you accidentally unequip a skill, you will either need a skill editor to fix it, or need to re-download the mod. Best to not mess with the skills.

 Do NOT run physics mods or any mods with character or graphics files on top of this mod. You could be reducing functionality and canceling out abilities such as breathing under water. Some physics mods still have graphics files inside their folders.
               The most common mistake I see is people running the improved Classic Sonic physics with this mod, and accidentally replacing Classic Hyper Sonic's Star Aura with regular Super Sonic's.
              I already used similar values for Classic Hyper Sonic's physics, except I also made sure he no longer can drown, jumps higher and moves even faster. So, running the improved physics mod for Classic Sonic on top of this mod, actually reduces Hyper Sonic. 
               Mods that can be used along with this mod are things like joeTE's Auto_Pilot_OFF, Skyth's BetterFXpipeline, Free camera, 3d9x support, and Soft Shadows, or PTKickass' 3Derations. 
               Most  stage mods work, but some have their own built in graphics or physics files for Sonic. You will need to learn how to remove or set aside those physics or graphics files on your own if you want to get them working right. 
              - If you chose to run other mods on top of Hyper Sonic do not come at me with things about "His aura doesn't work" or "Hey, he drowned after like 12 seconds under water, you messed up Zud!"   First turn off your other mods, and then see if Hyper Sonic is running right, before you say I need to change something. 

This is a further modified Mod for Hyper Sonic in Super Sonic Generations. The Original version of this mod was made by JoeTE. - His version is the one in most videos before 2021. He made the color changing materials and assets for Hyper Sonic. He managed to exploit a glitch to allow for the color changing. I couldn't have put this together without his.

I will release the lite version of Joe's Super Sonic generations with my changes to Hyper Sonic and the one where he starts in base form and then goes Hyper.  - I did get his permission, but I will not be re-releasing his full version, even with my modifications to Hyper.

I have incorporated Beaverhouse' Time Eater fixed mod, and made a few further physics changes there as well.  - now during the final boss fight Hyper Sonic is truly OP'd, Sonic's friends just shut up and let him do his thing, aaand Crush 40 is playing sonic youth. Beaverhouse put this together, and he deserves full credit there.  

The save file, part of the mod itself, has an area effect attack that is mapped to the same button you used to transform. It is a modified version of "ring time" so sometimes when the enemies explode they will leave behind rings. You also have the power stomp already equipped, so whenever you stomp near by enemies will also be destroyed. 

Sajid's double jump mod is incorporated. I adjusted the values to make it very high, but there's no area effect attack automatically on it. You'd be screwed if you were trying to chain homing attacks to get past long bottomless pits. instead the area effect, or "Sonic Boom" is mapped to your transformation button. - it will not interfere with the lightspeed dash either. 

Hyper Sonic has unlimited air boost, which means he can now fly! Do not abuse this, as you can actually fly right off the map in many places. When in doubt just tap it and use it the same as the normal air boost. You might however discover part of levels where you can skip over big chunks. Have some fun with it. That's what this is all about.

Hyper Sonic has a stronger ring pull now. I also made it impossible for him to drown, like the original. 

Hyper Sonic is OP'd, just as he is supposed be.

I also used the same hovering idle animation that StarNoodle495's used in his Amazing Super Sonic Revolution. It helps differentiate Hypersonic from Supersonic, and looks awesome. 

I added a bunch of physics changes, including many of the values Showin used with his improved classic Sonic Physics mod. I did not directly copy and paste the physics however. Classic Hyper Sonic jumps much higher, breathes under water, and moves even faster than Super Sonic does in the improved classic sonic mod. 

I made changes to DDS image files, and altered the shader values in Hyper Sonic's material files to make a much brighter Hyper Sonic. I also changed one of the DDS files to make the highlights much brighter, so that it almost looks like there is always white light faded around his edges to give him a sense of 3 dimensions, and at the same time make him GLOW. Now in darker areas he glows neon versions of his colors, and in brightly lit areas he glows white. 

Stars now emit out of Hyper Sonic, it's similar to StarNoodle495's version, but the stars are now made of white light, and like the Original now come out at an obnoxious pace and rotation. My goal was to make in my estimation what Hyper Sonic should look like if Sega ever makes a Modern version. 

The Super Sonic, Super Shadow, and Super Silver reskins are entirely JoeTE's. I just don't feel right re-releasing his Full version, even with my changes to Hyper Sonic, but I will release his lite version including those forms. - He deserves full credit for making them. 

I was inspired by the Game Apologist video on the Under Appreciated Brilliance of Hyper Sonic.

I don't make any money off this. 

 Sonic the Hedgehog is property of Sega.

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    Is it possible to just have the hyper model swap without any of the hyper physics edits at all? I wanna just have regular super sonic physics without the double jump or whatnot.
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    no works the savedata
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    Is it possible to make a version that is just the hyper sonic model with it's effects not touching normal sonics effects and physics?
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