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Sonic 06 Definitive Experience v2.2 - A Mod for Sonic Generations


v2.2 2mo
  • Improvement Revamped configurations, now much cleaner and also make use of dll mods
  • Improvement Fixed running goal animation not needing to replace idle animation!
  • Addition Added rank result comment voice code mod!
  • Addition Added various community code by Hyper
v2.1 2mo Tweak Addition

06 Character Mod Pack

Sonic 06 Definitive Experience is a Sonic Generations mod that features various original models, animations and physics from the game Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

REQUIREMENT: Only works with HedgeModManager, SonicGMI is NOT supported!!!

Currently includes:
  • -06 Sonic character mod
  • -06 Sonic + Elise character mod
  • -Above with English/Japanese Voice
  • -06 physics (optional)
  • -06 Result Music (optional)
  • -Disable lock-on cursor (optional)
  • -Disable Spin on Dash Panels (optional)
  • Running goal for Sonic model (optional)

Mod configurations:

Character Model:
-Select character model to play with

Voice-over Language:
-Select voice-over language (You MUST also change voice-over language at in-game Options for this to work properly)

Enable 06 Physics:
-Enable 06 physics, disable lock-on cursor recommended

Disable Lock-on Cursor
-Disable lock-on cursor, disable this for homing attack if you want to feel like 06

Disable Spin on Dash Panels:
-Disable spin ball model on dash panels (recommended for all)

Result Music:
-Use Generations or Sonic 06 result music

Running Goal (Sonic only):
-Disable: Use normal goal animation
-Enable All: Always use running goal animation
-STH2006 Project Stages: Use gunning goal on Sonic 06 specific stages (Wave Ocean, Crisis City, Radical Train, Kingdom Valley)
-Custom: Use running goal of user defined stages (see below)
Custom list of Running Goal Stages:
-Separate list of stages by ",", e.g.: ghz200,cpz200,ssz200 etc.

List of stages: Generations Stage (STH2006 Project Stage)
-ghz100: Classic Green Hill (Prelude Stage)
-ghz200: Modern Green Hill (Wave Ocean)
-cpz200: Modern Chemical Plant (Dusty Desert)
-ssz200: Modern Sky Sanctuary (White Acropolis)
-sph200: Modern Speed Highway (Crisis City)
-cte200: Modern City Escape (Flame Core)
-ssh200: Modern Seaside Hill (Radical Train)
-csc200: Modern Crisis City (Tropical Jungle)
-euc200: Modern Rooftop Run (Kingdom Valley)
-pla200: Modern Planet Wisp (Aquatic Base)
*Change 200 to 100 for Classic stages

Q&A Section

Q1: The game crashes when loading/exiting a level when I play the mod.
A1: This seems to happen a lot more with Sonic+Elise mod, I really have no idea how exactly to solve this yet, for now just keep trying and it will work eventually, once you are able to play a stage and exit to HUB world at least once, it shouldn't crash anymore for the same play session.

Q2: I can only play regular Sonic mod, how do I play mods like Sonic & Elise?
A2: You need to use HedgeModManager and right-click to configure mod, it's recommanded to deprecate SonicGMI.

Q3: Why is 06 Result Music not working?/I want to disable 06 Result music!
A3: See above.

Q4: I'm playing with Japanese voice but I can still hear English voice (or vice versa)?
A4: To use voice mod properly you must also goto Option in game and change the appropriate voice over language.

Q5: Sonic isn't using the board in Crisis City when I play demo 3 Crisis City?
A5: Yes, because the demo 3 archive is outdated, but this will appear in the final release!

Q6: I can't get over the pit at the beginning of Generations Crisis City with 06 physics, help!
A6: Be patient, hold forward and let Sonic drop, the gravity defying homing attack will be able to home in to the last bird. You can enable lock-on cursor and see when it will actually lock-on.

Q7: I can't complete Sky Sanctuary Act 2/Adabat Act 1 with 06 physics!
A7: Unfortunately, because of the speed, you can't run pass the falling/crushing platforms, use FreeCam mod to skip past it.

Change Log
See README.txt