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Unleashed Project Original SceneEffect - A Mod for Sonic Generations


Version 2.0.3 16d
  • BugFix Fixed a bug that caused Skyscraper Scamper to crash the game upon loading this mod
Version 2.0.2 4mo BugFix Hotfix 2.0.1 4mo BugFix Version 2.0 4mo Removal Amendment Refactor Adjustment Windmill Isle ReadyGO camera fix 1y Addition


Unleashed Project Original SceneEffect aims to restore original brightness and saturations for each level of Unleashed Project mod by using SceneEffect directly from the X360/PS3 version of Sonic Unleashed, greatly increased color vibrance and brightness was slightly lowered. The reason this mod exists is that the original mod used a custom SceneEffect built by mod's leader Dario to try to get the feeling of Xbox 360's color output on a monitor/TV screen.

It also disabled weird white glow around Sonic; now he is actually dark when going to dark areas.


- The mod comes with two flavors:
  + The first one is pretty much what the title said.
  + The second one comes with removed custom ReadyGO camera, mostly for use with Unleashed Sonic model. Not recommend to play with non-Unleashed models.


- Requires Unleashed Project. Download here.
- You can only play one of those flavors at a time.
- This mod is NOT compatible with Kagenoki's Unleashing Unleashed Project. Blame Sonic Team for their odd choices in file structuring of this game. Fortunately it also features original SceneEffect in addition to Unleashed Rainbow Rings and JumpSelector.
- Due to how Sonic Generations works, graphical effects may not, and will never be exactly the same like Sonic Unleashed.
- Using this mod along with Better FxPipeline with Unleashed bloom shaders enabled is very recommended, as this is the closest way to achieve Unleashed graphical fidelity.
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    Can you not already get this effect with the Better FxPipeline mods' Unleashed Bloom and the Better FxPipeline Unleashed Shaders mod?
    Just a gamer
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  • Currently this mod will not work on the Skyscraper Scamper stage. The mod only displays when BetterFxPipeline, Unleashed Project, and UP Original Lighting are loaded in that order. The city stage crashes at the loading screen. Re-arranging the mods on the mod loader causes the Original Lighting to not apply, but will correctly load the stage. Should be looked into and hopefully fixed soon. 
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    For some reason, whenever I play skyscraper scamper it crashes while loading. I reinstalled the mod, turned off all other mods but it still crashed. I do have the RTX fix mod on but I can't disable it to know if it's the problem but I don't think it is since the color correction for Unleashing Unleashed Project works just fine.
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    Will you be making use of the BloomStar option added in BetterFxPipeline with the latest update to force it to Sonic Unleashed's bloom?
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  • One problem with the current update of this mod is that whenever I enable it with the "Unleashing Unleashed Project" mod, certain Orange Dash Rings which are supposed to be replaced by Rainbow Rings don't get replaced anymore.
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    Where do I extract these files
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