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Sonic Advance 2 - Mania Edition - A Mod for Sonic Mania.

Sonic Advance 2 zones in Sonic Mania!


Relive your favorite moments of Sonic Advance 2 now based off of Sonic Mania's own Retro Engine!

Dash, fly, and climb your way through familiar locales such as Leaf Forest, Music Plant, and Techno Base as you make your way to the end game match against Dr. Eggman.

For better or worse, this mod does not feature tricking yet. It does feature grinding rails though.

This mod currently includes the following zones:

Leaf Forest Act 1 & Act 2
Based off Green Hill.
There is 1 special ring to find in act 1.

Hot Crater Act 2
Based off Press Garden.

Music Plant Act 2
Based off Mirage Saloon.
One special ring. Tubes can be a little wonky at times. Features the not Egg totem boss.

Ice Paradise Act 1
Based off Oil Ocean.
One special ring. Complete with working oil ice slides! For the large yellow ramp things, if you jump while you are on them you will fall through like how they were in Advance 2, although you can stop on them here.

Sky Canyon Act 1
Based off Chemical Plant.
The flying platforms that you could normally stand on have been converted to "bouncing" platforms where, instead of being able to stand on them, air will push you up a bit to simulate a bounce (if you've played Advance 2 you will know what this is trying to emulate). Contains 1 special ring to find in act 1.

For the spinning fans in act 1, you are meant to run into them from the top left and they should throw you upwards. Two have you coming in from the right, however.

Techno Base Act 1
Based off Titanic Monarch.
Any time you see a blue hexagonal pattern in a pit, that means it is bottomless.

Egg Utopia Act 1
Based off Stardust Speedway.
It's not super hard to break this level so try not to mess with the gravity switching parts too much. After you pass by a switch, do not turn around too soon or else you will not get switched back! If you find you are in an area where there are no enemies, rings, etc, then you are probably in an area that you are not supposed to be in.