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P5R Texture Fixes Project - A Work In Progress for Persona 5 Royal (PC).

Polishing up peak, now on PC!

P5R Texture Fixes Project is a simple mod that fixes the small mistakes hidden in P5R, from leftover vanilla P5 portraits to typos in the background. Some of the fixes in this project I had previously released in their own standalone releases, but now they will be found and updated here instead.

The current list of changes is:

  1. Updated Ann and Yusuke's bustups in their awakening scenes to be consistent with their other P5R bustups (Originally they were leftover bustups from Vanilla P5).
  2. Updated Ryuji's Angry Blue Tracksuit bustup (seen in his third-tier awakening scene) to be consistent with his other P5R bustups (Originally it was a leftover bustup from Vanilla P5).
  3. Changed Haru's IM Icon to be consistent with her Icon from the post-battle Results screen.
  4. Changed the billboard in the background of Joker and Crow's showtime event to say "Two Sides, Same Coin." (It originally said this in the P5R PS4 release, but for some reason it is now changed to "Two Sides Some Coin" in the new re-release)
  5. (1.1) Changed the icon for Almighty skills to the non-censored version used in P5R PS4.
    (The file that was changed for this is also present in HaythamQuake's Colorful Pack mod. If 
    you're using that, be sure to download the Colorful Pack Add-On.)

    (1.3.1) This now includes the Almighty icon on the roulette table during the Sae boss fight.
  6. (1.2) Changed the texture for Ryuji's shoes to the non-censored version used in P5R PS4.
  7. (1.3) Changed Kasumi's IM Icon to be consistent with her Icon from the post-battle Results screen. (Thank you to Kris! for contributing this change)
  8. (1.4) Improved the normal map used for chests in Mementos to no longer be crusty.
  9. (1.4) Removed the crust around the Railmap Icons' Text, which was likely a result of Atlus incorrectly overlaying the grunge effect.
  10. (1.4) Improved Joker's Tycoon portrait to be not JPEG, as well as more consistently saturated when compared to the other characters' Tycoon bustups.
  11. (1.4) Improved the textures for the Mementos map with higher quality upscales used in DeathChaos4K Mod for Vanilla P5.
Customizable Install Folders Guide
- 1+2 = Updated Bustups
- 3+7 = Consistent IM Icons
- 4 = Two Sides Some Coin
- 5 = Uncensored Almighty Icon
- 6 = Uncensored Ryuji Shoes
- 8 = Better Mementos Chest
- 9 = Railmap Crust Fix
- 10 = Better Joker Tycoon Portrait
- 11 = Better Mementos Map

(This WIP says 50% complete, but it's actually more or less complete, I just don't know what would be in future updates. Basically, let's just say this project is complete but subject to change)

So far, these are the only things I noticed that could use changing in P5R, but if there are more that I or others discover in the future, I will update this project to add new changes. 
If you notice something in P5R that looks like it could use a fix, let me know. You'll receive proper credit for the tip in any following updates.


To install, use Reloaded-II in conjunction with P5R Essentials. For more information on that, check the guide here.

If you're using Colorful Pack, make sure to also download the Colorful Pack Add-On, and place it above Texture Fixes and Colorful Pack in the package priority.

Customizable Install Guide

As of version 1.4.1, you can now customize your P5R Texture Fixes, meaning you can disable changes you don't want. Inside the mod package, the different changes are divided by folders, meaning you can disable them by simply deleting the folder with the changes you don't like. 
For a more in-depth tutorial on this, watch this guide: