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Symphony of a Disorderly Person - A Work In Progress for Friday Night Funkin'.

Play as Kyouko and sing with the strange inhabitants of Gensokyo!

Oh wow oh gosh! A Touhou mod? Yeah, this shit has concepts dating back to like May of 2021. What originally started as an idea for a Kyouko Boyfriend reskin slowly transformed into an overall larger product.

Friday Night Funkin': Symphony of a Disorderly Person follows the story of Kyouko Kasodani and her girlfriend Mystia Lorelei. One day, whilst browsing at Kourindou they stumble across a boombox and microphones which was a very easy purchase. Now the two are traveling across Gensokyo, singing with whoever wants to and solving problems with song (as opposed to danmaku). Of course, this commotion is going to attract some unwanted attention as some girls want this boombox for their own purposes (like they can just buy their own so????). 

This WIP page is showing the progress of the Tutorial and Week 1 which will be the first release. We plan to release each week of this project as we finish them. So please wait warmly! This is a big project and there's one guy who's paying for all of this to become real.

What to expect from the first update?
  • New Menu Layout
  • Custom held note input system
  • A tutorial that isn't boring
  • 1 full week (3 songs)
  • 3 Freeplay songs

What to expect from a full release?
  • 6 Weeks
  • Lunatic Difficulty + Remixes
  • 2 Bonus Weeks
  • Skins For Player Character
  • Freeplay songs based on Touhou characters not in the main story
  • Freeplay songs based on popular Touhou and Touhou influenced media
  • Mashups of popular FNF songs with Touhou songs
  • Maybe a Japanese translation? That'd be cool.

We're hard at work making this mod the best it can be for our first release! Please remain patient with us!

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