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Persona 3 FES: HD Overhaul Project - A Work In Progress for Persona 3 FES

Progress Report

In Development - 11% finished


WiP 0.4 13d
  • Optimization All textures are now optimized to drastically reduce filesize and boot time.
  • BugFix Better bustups are back and optimized. 1K as default, 2K optional. Junpei and Akihiko wearing wrong clothes should hopefully be fixed now.
  • Suggestion This new update will REQUIRE the use of DX11 (Hardware) in the Rexis Build. You must change the setting or you'll begin encountering graphical glitches after extended play sessions.
WiP 0.3 16d Addition Removal Optimization2 Suggestion WiP 0.2 21d Addition Improvement Optimization Amendment

Not 32K :dontcarelol:

Rise, The New Day Came

A Work in Progress project for Persona 3 FES that started when texture replacement was in its infancy and not exactly available to all.

The project has an initial focus on UI elements such as text and bustups, as they are most noticeably in need of improvement, and environment/character textures etc will be worked on within the constraints of the plugin and our own ability. If you have feedback, contributions or questions, feel free to let us know on the Official P3HD Discord, we'll happily look into it ASAP. If you're a member of the Persona Modding Discord, help is available there as well.

Updates will be slow due to the rumors surrounding the P3 Remaster, however there are no plans to cancel the project at all.

A comprehensive spreadsheet detailing all available textures and their degree of usability/quality by MeovvCAT and LoafGatr will be available soon.

Installation instructions

First things first, this mod is developed for the Texture Replacement Plugin developed by Rexis for PCSX2 1.5.0. Installing this build is a requirement and can be kept separate from your other installs of pcsx2 as it's based on the portable version of the emulator.

This rexis build of PCSX2 does not contain any BIOS files, you must source them yourself similarly to how you must source them for regular PCSX2.

These BIOS files go in the bios folder.

If you have an existing Persona 3 FES save, backup your MemCard files from your original PCSX2 installation and copy them over to the memcards folder. This will not guarantee your saves will still work, as PCSX2 memcards are finnicky with each update, but it's always worth trying.

ALL textures must be put as loose PNG files (NO folder structure) in the tex_override folder. You can install plugins and determine priority by overwriting files in order until a better solution is available.

To dump textures and make contributions yourself (join the P3HD Discord!), you must enable dumping in the ini configs for the plugin. It is recommended you keep a completely separate instance of the rexis build for dumping only as it'll allow you to have fully vanilla textures with no effort and minimizes risks.

You can do this by opening GSdx.ini in inis and changing dump to 1 and tex_dump_dim to 1024.

If you launch P3F through Aemulus (which I don't recommend), be sure to change the exe path in settings. Otherwise, simply launch the ELF from the PCSX2 window as normal.

Remember to make sure HostFS is enabled to run other mods that aren't P3HD! You can do that by checking if hostfs = true in the PCSX2_vm.ini file in inis.

If your P3FES is modded, you NEED to open the iso before opening the elf else the CDVD plugin will fail!

A long black screen/load when opening the game is normal, as textures are being loaded. If it takes too long, it might be due to computer specs. DX11 (Hardware) in video plugin settings is a REQUIREMENT, or you will encounter odd graphical errors after extended play sessions and potentially even crashes!

Join the P3HD Discord Server for help, a full compatibility list with every mod on GB, feedback, submitting contributions or if you're a mod creator seeking compatibility through an Add-On for P3HD!

  • i can't get this mod to work with the 60fps mod. the game runs at half the speed locked instead of increasing the speed. Any tips? It would be really appreciated because I've about given up on getting it working right.
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    This looks really good so far! Excited to see future updates in the event a P3 port doesn't come out
    Idiot Extraordinaire
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    You know, Persona 3 hits, but the line that made me tear up the most is "Dumping Text... (Blue) abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" powerful stuff.
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    That was my favorite line from Yukari.
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  • this is so cool, i never thought this could happen but here we are......
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    inb4 someone asks for Dancing models to be used
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    This is really cool! I can't wait for when this is done, the game will look so much better then.
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    but pineapple does go on pizza
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