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Eyes Of Heaven Q2 - A Work In Progress for Persona Q2.

Progress Report

In Development - 15% finished

Things get a little... bizzare

This Mod will allow you to replace various images of different personas with different stands from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! This is a WiP, so more images may be added over time. 

It's already decided that P5 will have Part 3 stands, P4 with Part 4 stands and P3 with Part 5 stands. Why the order difference? Because I said so. Now cry. In all seriousness, its because it took a while to do the first stand, which was Star Platinum over Arsene, and I can't be bothered changing it.

Evolved stands haven't been decided as of yet, but the majority will most likely be colour pallet swaps or their manga representation (Star Platinum will become Star Platinum: The World, Gold Experience will become Gold Experience Requiem, and Disciple of Dio ('Shadow' Dio) will become The World) The third one is a bit of a strech, but nothing else works with Akechi.

Some Parts in JoJo have less Party Members than there are in each group of Persona users, according to their group. In this case, some enemy stands may be given.

Names will now be available! HUGE Shoutout to Dniwetamp for showing me how to do names properly!
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    jsyk you can edit akechi's 2nd tier the glowy effect is part of the image, so there's 2 images for his persona
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