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FnF' The Full-Ass Game [Fanmade] Demo - A Work In Progress for Friday Night Funkin'.

Progress Report

In Development - 20% finished

Getting freaky on a Friday Night yay!


Friday Night Funkin'... What's left to be said that hasn't been said already? 15,000,000 plays on 3000+ pages of reviews....


  •  It's a rhythm game that doubles as a playable cartoon. You have your girlfriend, but her folks don't dig you. In fact, they down right hate you, and it doesn't help that they're literal demons. And if that wasn't bad enough, it seems like just about everyone is looking to get in the way of you two enjoying some funkin' peace.
Gameplay of Week 4, Girlfried's pop-star mom wants to have a few words with you
  • This isn't a game by suits or posers, this is a team of artists who met on Newgrounds looking to make the dream Newgrounds game they've always wanted. And we're not alone, already we've gotten help from other long time talents such as SrPelo, JohnnyUtah, Moawling, and many many others. The development will continue to be driven by friends, fun, and weird ass ideas other games are too wimpy to try.

  •  Why do Kickstarter? We could just release what we have now onto platforms and kick back, but that would be lame to charge for content you can already play for free. Our goal here is to approach this project from here on out as a full-ass game, with all the bells and whistles. Already we're hitting a ceiling where fans want something extraordinary and we want to deliver. More advanced animation, collaboration, and software-esc features that'll genuinely create the dream game we have in mind can't be funded without your help. This Kickstarter not only gives us the chance to involve fans, but also get the game a PRO budget while also getting merch into people's hands. A win-win from all angles.
We don't want to rush out levels or a retail version just to cash in on hype, we want to actually take our time and make something that'll stand the test of time.

Week 6's special RETRY screen, made with Moawling as the pixel artist and JohnnyUtah helping on animation


Here's our base vision of what a COMPLETE Friday Night Funkin will include.

  • ADD 20 NEW 'WEEKS' (60 songs)
That's right, 20 entire levels, a story from beginning to end. A good chunk of which we've had planned for quite some time. 

Pressing 4 buttons is fun, but we've got more in mind than this. Nothing that will mess with the easy accessibility of the game,  but ideas that will deepen the meta of the actual gameplay and give us more room to create unique levels and concepts. Basically, we don't just want to make a poor man's arcade game. Ideas that have been sitting on the cutting room floor since the initial game jam prototype will take time to flesh out and implement properly. (That animation of the boyfriend throwing the mic in the game's file. is just one of many many of those things.)

Sequences, both in and out of game that deepen the world and get the story across.  Week 7 took an eternity thanks to making an 'in-game' cutscene, but it conveys what's going on and adds much needed context. Right now, there's an entire story behind every single thing that happens, but we'll need to animate it all to bring it to life!

The ability to play with or against other people, it's a no-brainer! 

The ability to choose someone besides Boyfriend to play as in Freeplay, as well as in the previously mentioned 2 player. Complete with new poses, and their own voice. That's right, the music would CHANGE by having a new voice where Boyfriend's voice was. Or in 2 player, where the enemy's voice is. It's honestly a really tall order, initially it was deemed too much work to do, and do to that the playable characters currently planned have been delayed. But just another reason to step up to the plate for crowd funding.

The ability to see the top scores for songs across the world, as well as against your friends, ranked per-difficulty. Upcoming game mechanics will serve to deepen the challenge and various ways to score, making comparing numbers even more essential to see how well others do.

Right now we've got charm, we've got style. But we're thinking it's time we start getting in basics, like uh, you know, a results screen? And not just a screen that'll sufice, but something FRESH, and engaging. Same goes for all menus like Freeplay, Options, Pausing. Most everything needs an overhaul, and we want to have fun with it while coming up with new ideas that'll make it interesting.

Right now the modding scene for this game is exploding, and we're amazed with the talent of the fan base. We want to make the game as easy to mod as possible, to the point where even the most casual player will be able to dip their toes in. 

The ability to make custom charts in-game, this means being able to put in an MP3 or audio file from your PC into the game, and having the tools to make it playable. 

The fan base already crosses borders, we see people from all walks of life enjoyin the funk. We want to work with translators who can help us make the game possible to navigate and enjoy for people of as many languages as possible.

Whether it's cameo WEEKs, special art styles, Playable Characters, or even voice acting, we want to be able to compensate people for their work and time properly. 

Whether it's hiring musicians to record samples for KawaiSprite to mix, or paying guest musicians, it's all part of creating a rich variety of work.



KINDA. The web version will receive some of the levels we make in full-development as time rolls by. Only the full release will contain all the content, but we still want to give fans a taste of what we're cookin from time to time. Ultimately though you'll only to be able to play the FULL ASS GAME if you buy the FULL ASS GAME.


Here are all the EXTRA things we want to do if people are crazy enough to fund em...

  •  MOBILE BUILD - $85,000 ~REACHED~ 
The game you know n love, but running on phones and ipads, which'll have to take from main content development so Ninjamuffin can slave away on essentially the first port of the game.

An in-game character creator that allows for players to build their own 'funker' (lol) with various pieces. PLUS, the ability to put in your own PNGs, and character animations altogether if you so choose.

We'd make an online hub in-game so people can share and rate each other's custom songs and characters. No having to download files n pop em in if you don't want to, this could be the one stop shop to access an unlimited amount of user-made content.

So while cutscenes are planned for the base game, making FULLY ANIMATED cartoon shorts to serve as level openers and enders is the real dream.  You'd get to see all characters interacting with full life, moving, doing funny shit, the good stuff! And covering all the levels would essentially mean nearly creating a movie's - length amount of animation, whoa!

The game could expand to have 5 more levels if this is reached. We've got nearly infinite ideas, but only so much time and help we can hire. Reaching this means 15 new songs,  and 5 new bizarre levels helmed with devilish enemies.

With 2 Player in the works and online leaderboards, online 2 Player just seems like a no-brainer. It'd be a lot of work, new interfaces to create and tons of code to establish, but being able to funk with anyone across the globe is too good to pass up.

  •  +5 ADDITIONAL WEEKS - $865,000
That's right, reach this, and ANOTHER 5 additional levels, cutscenes, music n all will exist. Ideas that would otherwise be left on the cutting room floor can squeeze in.

Playable characters are gonna be a thing, with their own voices n all. We reach this goal, and we'll add 10 new freeplay characters with all the bells n whistles needed. 

  •  +5 ADDITIONAL WEEKS - $1,165,000
Yeah, you read right. ANOTHER 5 weeks in game. I'm not sure if it's scarier that we're actually willing to do it, or if it's even more bizarre we actually have ideas that'll still be left out if we don't reach this.

  •  'ERECT DIFFICULTY' MODE - $1,465,000
Some people think Friday Night Funkin is just too easy, well this would be the mode for them. Each week would gain a difficulty AFTER Hard which remixes the existing music to be even juicier. Faster speed, more notes, essentially NEW music, but familiar enough to still reward those who've memorized the tracks while providing a fresh challenge. Special tweaked visuals and all new songs. If we reach this, technically the number of all tracks in the game would DOUBLE... 

(The look on KawaiSprite's face when we first pitched it to him, lol, you had to be there)

  •  +10 WEEK EPILOGUE STORY - $1,865,000
What happens after Friday Night Funkin ends? With this goal reached, you'd get to see exactly that with 10 new levels (30 tracks) which cover life in the future, set sometime down the line from the events you know now. 

  •  PLAYSTATION 1 PORT - $3,000,000
Which this stretch goal reached, we will port Friday Night Funkin to Playstation 1 and sell physical copies, even if it's at a loss. Because god damn, it'd just be too sick.

With this stretch goal reached, we will pay an anime studio to create a cel drawn anime week themed level with crazy sakuga shit. Hand drawn, full movie quality motion. It would be insane, just like it'd be insane if we actually reach this.

If we reach this stretch goal, we will remake Pico's School 1, and complete the unfinished Pico's School 2 INSIDE of Friday Night Funkin. 

  •  ````FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN - NIGHTMARE A.U. ???`````  - $10,000,000



ninjamuffin99, programmer. Twitter addict (recovering). HOT MESS. He assembled the team that made the game, and wrote the code that gives it life.


Kawaisprite, the kingpin himself. In 2011, Kawaisprite was charged with armed robbery. He was sentenced to 14 years. In prison, Kawaisprite found a dusty Akai MPC3000 in the shed of the yard. After stabbing a fellow inmate over whatever, he was sent to solitary confinement for 7 years, with nothing but the beat machine. The initial prototype of Friday Night Funkin' was released a week after Kawaisprite got out jail. The rest, is simply history.


PhantomArcade is an animator. He leads the story, makes the characters, and animates them all for his arch rival Ninjamuffin to implement into the game. He uses Adobe Flash CS4.


Evilsk8r, the stylist of the game. All PhantomArcade designs pass through him to take every bit of art to the next level. Whether it's improving current designs, or coming up with their own, they've got no shortage of influence on the game's overall aesthetic. If it wasn't for their sense of style, the game just wouldn't be cool.


Tom Fulp is emotional support. He made Newgrounds, and has a penis. We're not sure if it's large or small since we've never seen it, but as the team motto goes; "Never say never!"

tom fulp after repeatedly losing on Week 2 (normal difficulty)


Name in Credits ($5 pledge)

Have that stupid name your parents gave you at birth put inside of a video game! Sure people will just skip over it, but you'll BE THERE. You can smile warmly every time you beat the game and see yourself memorialized in-game.

Digital Artbook ($10 pledge)

A collection  of almost all the art thus far, including tons of unique concept art, our notes on development thus far and tons of other juicy tid bits. Honestly, we'll probably throw all sorts of weird shit in there, I don't even know. But it'll be wrapped inside a crisp presentation and be a blast to look through if you enjoy the world of Friday Night Funkin.

Digital Friday Night Funkin copy ($15 early bird pledge/$20 pledge)

There it is, that's the one.  The blood sweat and tears we're going to pour into the best game we can make will be yours the very day it's done.

Pico Stickers ($25 pledge SOLD OUT!)

The classic Newgrounds Pico stickers have been taken from the vaults and are being given a small limited run here.  Get your hands on a piece of Newgrounds history and use em wisely. (Some even say the sheet has future FNF characters on it?)

Enamel Pins ($30 pledge)

Snag an enamel pin to rep the funk where ever you go in style.  No final designs just yet, but we'll make sure they're sick.

Friday Night Funkin Volume 1 Soundtrack: Cassette ($32 pledge)

With this you'll have the first bundle of Friday Night Funkin music all the way up to Week 7 on cassette, time to bust out the walkman! Complete with special packaging art designed by PhantomArcade + EvilSk8r

Friday Night Funkin Volume 1 Soundtrack: CD ($35 pledge)

The soundtrack up to Week 7 on CD, nice! This'll have a nice jewelcase and art for everything, including a small booklet inside which'll be packed to the brim with oddities from the development team.

Poster ($40 pledge)

Ever just stare at your bare ass wall for a few hours and think "God damn I wish I was looking at Friday Night Funkin art right now"? Honestly if that's the case we recommend therapy, but this poster reward is definitely cheaper. Best of all, the one we're offering here will be EXCLUSIVE to this Kickstarter.

Friday Night Funkin Volume 1 Soundtrack: Vinyl (+ test presses!) ($46 pledge)

The soundtrack up to Week 7, but this time on vinyl, how classy. And best of all, this vinyl will have packaging art exclusive to the Kickstarter, all future VOLUME 1 vinyls will have different, so this one's for the collectors and OGs out there.

10 test pressings will also be available.

T-Shirts ($50 pledge)

We worked with fellow Newgrounder PKettles to make the illest shirt designs we could. Printing with the maximum amount of colors and that slick back logo cost a pretty penny, but you can't put a price on drip. Well, maybe you can actually, that's why this reward nets you your choice of either the BOYFRIEND, PICO, or KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE GIRLFRIEND shirt. 

Volume 1 Soundtrack info

All of the physical soundtrack goodness is with the help of our pals at Needlejuice Records! They've pressed Tally Hall, King Gizzzard, Lemon Demon and more! They know their way around the physical music scene, and we're working with them to make sure that anyone who wants some cool physical music merch, can get their hands on them. Small FAQ on their twitter @needlejuicerec

Boyfriend and Girlfriend diving into the endless handbag known as your imagination 
Tankman Statue ($150 pledge SOLD OUT!)

Back in the day Newgrounds went all out on making Tankmen Figurines, and for eons now the sparse remains of that printing has been locked away in the NG vault. In honor of WEEK 7, the Tankman Figurines have been unearthed, and this reward nets you one.

Boyfriend Figure ($300 pledge SOLD OUT)

A hand-made figure of the Boyfriend from, you guessed it, Friday Night Funkin! These will be made with the collaborative efforts of IvanAlmighty and PhantomArcade, done in a limited quantity, and created at Newgrounds HQ before being shipped off the first 50 people lucky enough to snag one. 

Illustration from lead Artists ($300 pledge SOLD OUT)

People HAVE been asking for commissions from the official Friday Night Funkin artists to no-avail, they've been busy slaving away on updates! But with this reward they'll tear themselves away from the usual grind to complete a drawing of your request. 

YOURSELF in the Background ($1000 pledge SOLD OUT)

Having your name in the credits not enough? Want to actually BE in the world of Funkin, watching the exploits of the Boyfriend take place for all players to see? That's right, with this reward we put you jammin out in the background of one of the levels. Though this one's limited, better grab it quick!

Your Own Intro Message ($1000 pledge SOLD OUT)

There sure are a lotta whacky lil intro messages, huh? Well, you can throw one of your own into the mix with this reward. Let the world know what you have to say when they boot up the game, granted it's random what message shows up, but avid players are sure to see it. 


YOU want to go up against the foes of the game, like, literally YOU? Well, this reward's the one! We'll put YOU (or your OC) into the game as a playable character that can be selected in Freeplay. People across the globe can play, and die, as YOU!

Digital Wallpaper ($9999 pledge)

A really nice digital wallpaper the artist made that's very cool. You can set it on your computer so it's the image you see on 

Risks and challenges

Making something is never easy, each and every level we've made thus far has been weeks of blood, sweat, and delays. Though after 5 months of development, and 7 'Weeks', we have a solid flow for handling production that's already brought us this far. And now we're trying to create something larger than the average free web game, pull talent across the web, and create the dream Newgrounds game people have been dying for since the old days. We either bring a cartoon world to life through a game filled to the brim with ballin' ass content, or die trying. We've spent years online making things before ever meeting each other, content creation is nothing new to any of us. Sure it won't be easy, but we think we've got what it takes.

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