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FNF Vs. Wumpus: PING! Mayhem [FULL WEEK] - A Work In Progress for Friday Night Funkin'

Progress Report

In Development - 40% finished


Progress + Discord Server 8d
  • Addition Song 2, ‘Nitro’ Complete
  • Addition Song 1, ‘Wumpus’ Sprites Complete
  • Addition Backgrounds in development!
  • Addition Song 3, ‘Boost’ in progress!
  • Adjustment New discord server!
  • Adjustment New logo + Title
Hello Everyone!

Long time no update, eh? Jokes aside, let’s see what’s up with the mod’s progress.

First up, we’re changing- er.. adding onto the mod’s title now! If you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve changed to.. ‘Vs. Wumpus: PING! Mayhem’! You can see the new logo in our thumbnail and attached to this post. Leave feedback in the comments!

Now for the juicy stuff, the music and sprites! For the music side of things, Song 2, ‘Nitro’ has been completed, for.. awhile, actually, along with it’s hard chart. For Song 3, ‘Boost’, it’s currently in the middle of production. Now for the sprites! Song 1’s sprites are about finished! That’s.. pretty much it. Although, we do have recolored arrow sprites and a few small changes, as well as the fact backgrounds are in the works!

Well, you’re probably wondering about the release date, well, while we do have a planned one, we don’t want to rush out anything to the public yet. All I can say is that expect the mod this month! Err.. late this month. 

Anyway, we’re now launching the Wumpus Land discord server! A place to enjoy wumpus... as well as releasing some exclusive sneak peaks to the mod! Join here:

That’s about it! Thanks for sticking with us!

Song 1, “Wumpus” OST Released on Youtube! 1mo Adjustment Song 1 Complete 1mo Addition2 Music in Production! 1mo Music 1mo

Battle Wumpus!

Boyfriend is taking a stroll through the park and talking to GF on Discord, hey wait.. is that Wumpus standing in front of him?
(Story is subject to change!)

Battle Wumpus, Discord, the social app's, mascot!

Dear Roblox FNF Games, 
You CAN use our mod in your game! All we ask is that you provide credits. Thanks!!

(By the way, Happy Birthday Discord!)


Song 3 Chart Background for Song 3 Song 3 Wumpus Sprites Song 2 Wumpus Sprites Song 3 50% High Priority
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