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ds_bureau (Downloadable) - A Work In Progress for Counter-Strike 1.6

Progress Report

In Development - 27% finished


April 9th 3d
  • Addition Added 3 new rooms
  • Adjustment Adjusted texture alignment
  • Addition Added the city1 (cs_assault) skybox
  • Adjustment The environment lightning is now darker due to it being night time
  • Removal Removed the MP5s from the CTs
  • Tweak Tweaked some spots that were tough for bots
  • Amendment More minor fixes I didn't bother to document
The map now enters Beta! It is 1/4th done.
Tip: As a Counter-Terrorist/Terrorist, you can access the run-down armoury by boosting in there. It is really hard with bots only, though. They walk out of your way. Also, they might just stand near the armoury door. I put a nojump there, as they would just crazily jump around. Consider that as them "ambushing" you for now. You can walk the CTs out of there by telling them to follow you.
April 7th 5d Addition2 BugFix Adjustment Improvement April 4th 7d Addition4 Adjustment Improvement April 3rd 9d Addition2 Adjustment Removal Optimization April 2nd 10d BugFix2 Addition2 Improvement2 Optimization Adjustment

1. Explanation

After losing motivation at making the map 3de_lca, I have decided to make an idea that has been following me for a while a reality. This map is Deleted Scenes like. To avoid confusion with the Coop Guardian maps for CS:GO, I have decided to name the prefix ds_ instead of coop_. The style is similar, however.

2. Map style and gimmicks

The map is based on the FBI Headquarters, and is the Counter-Terrorist Headquarters. The terrorists have invaded them and have free will to move around wherever they want. There are a lot of rooms with potential T spawns, guns, and medical lockers. To use a med locker, walk up to it. It will restore you health. There are 3 types of medkits:

 To avoid this being overpowered to the Terrorists, all CTs will have helmet and armour on spawn and also two flash grenades, and the areas where terrorists spawn have worser medkits. The goal of CTs is to clear the facility (kill all terrorists) in order to win. There are also no buyzones at all.

3. Map Story

A silent alarm has been triggered in the Counter-Terrorist Strategic Bureau: multiple terrorist groups are attacking it in order to get rid of all the information. There have been rumours that SEAL, SAS, GIGN, GSG-9 or/and Delta International Spetsnaz are coming to help. No confirmation is currently given.

We are trying to steal information from here, however the elevators are going up. Prepare for the attack and do not let them destroy us!

We got a silent alarm in the headquarters. Our teams have finished gearing up and are going up to infiltrate and eliminate the terrorist crews. One problem; our crew has detected an explosive device set in the facility. It is timed to explode in about 5-10 minutes, but we're not sure. We have to make it quick, though. There's no way we're finding that unless we eliminate the threats.

4. Recommended

Console commands: (does not require sv_cheats to be on)
mp_roundtime 5-10 = Sets the round time to 7-10 minutes.
mp_freezetime 0 = Sets the freeze time to 0 seconds.
bot_join_team t = Recommended to make bots join the terrorist team.
bot_quota 10 = In order to have 10 terrorist bots. You can set it to higher amounts if possible. If you have a lot of people that cannot all join Counter-Terrorists,
bot_difficulty 2 = To avoid this being a piece of cake. You can set it to 3 (expert) if you want to, but you will be humiliated by the bots.
Amount of CTs: 2-4; add CT bots via bot_add_ct, although recommended to have players on this team.

5. My tips (from playtesting and common sense)

5.1. General

  • If you're low, let the teammates know, and let them protect you.
  • Use your surroundings to your advantage.
  • Split up into roles in order to ensure that you have maximum effectiveness. 

5.2. Counter-Terrorists

  • You have advantage in armor and health; don't be afraid to rush an enemy.
  • You will have to check your corners very often, because some terrorists might be camping. 
  • You are more advantageous with certain weapons; try to get a shotgun or a shield in order to clear tight corridors more easily.
  • Flashbangs are your best friends, but they're extremely rare. Use them wisely, and do not waste them! You can only get 2 for the first half of the map.

5.3. Terrorists

  • Group up, but not too much. Being in a group of 2-3 is the way to go.
  • Ambush the counter-terrorists as to bring them down.
  • Do not let the counter-terrorists to get to the medlockers. Instead - lock those positions down.


Balance the map 64% High Priority More rooms and T spawns to progress 44% High Priority Add more rooms to scavenge in 22%
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