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Tabi FULL WEEK [OUT NOW] - A Work In Progress for Friday Night Funkin'.

Progress Report


Battle your girlfriends EX to survive

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    Wow this mod looks cool, sure hope no controversies come from this when it releases :)
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    'full week out now' but where the fuck is love week :3
    worlds sexiest toaster
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    Wheres The file to download?
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  • why is this mod popular  the music is kickass but the gameplay is actual shit. just add the ability to skip the cutscenes and make genocide not give me headaches and way easier
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    How do I find the game?

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  • how do I go into full-screen f isn't working

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  • Hi! I run all the FNF mods on the notebook, it's kind of weak, but it runs everything I played except this one. When I play a song a second time (including Free Play), everything starts to crash. Couldn't you create some feature or option in the mod settings that would help in this matter?

    Example: Option that lets you limit Fps from 144 to 60 or option that lets you change the resolution, that sort of thing.

    Jogando algum mod de FNF
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  • how do i download this bruh
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  • hey i had a bug in the last song after the double long note close to the end the notes become invisible not letting me complete the week
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    Do You Mind If I Made A Mod That Piggy Backs Off Of Yours?
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