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FINISHED! Alpha Aesthetics - A Work In Progress for Half-Life

Progress Report


Half Life 1 in Alpha Style


This mod is an attempt to recreate the Alpha Version style of the legendary Half Life 1.To be honest, I like the old style of this game. In my opinion, it is no worse and no better than what came out in the end. Just different. It's sorta like comparing the Half-Life we know to an exciting big-budget sci-fi blockbuster movie whereas the alpha/beta is a low-budget campy 80s action movie with exaggerated violence, dark humor and overacting (just remember the faces of the characters). But you must admit, there is something in this. This is one of the reasons why I decided to recreate something resembling Alpha. Another reason was the lack of full-fledged mods for the Alpha Version. Most of them are either dead (Shaft), unfinished (Absolute Zero) or not even made public (enough in moddb). It's sad that such cool projects are canceled, so I got the idea to start working on my own and bring it to the end.

The result can be seen on January 2rd on this site, as well as the Moddb and Project Beta forum. Now all that remains is to finalize some things, design the project beautifully and give it to you.

This mod only changes textures, models, sounds and interface. The plot and geometry of the maps remain untouched. Alpha Aesthetics recreates the style, not the Alpha version itself as a game! During my work on the previous mod (Beta Aestnetics for HL2), there were just cases when some kids very persistently told me with requests like - “Your mod is not enough beta-ish, add * seven pages of cringy text about NPCs, weapons (most of which was never in early versions but was in non-canon mods and now I want you to add this to your project) *. It looks especially funny when the mod has already been released and is completely finished. I'm not trying to offend anyone, but I just want to say that it is pointless to write like that. If you don't like something in my project, then you can always download it and modify it in your own way. I will only be glad of this. But still, I am sincerely grateful to those people who comment and express their opinion. It's great and always interesting to read.
A lot of content has been taken from dead and abandoned mods, as well as addons on Moddb. I will credit all authors after the release of the mod.

Now you can look at the material that is already done:
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