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More Stars Mod - A Work In Progress for Super Mario 3D World

Progress Report

In Development - 4% finished


Almost to the Flag Pole! 6mo
  • - Progress Update
After the delay that happened back in December of last year, I have been continuing to work on the mod and the demo is getting pretty close to being ready to release. 
Stay tuned for more info on that!

Additionally, this mod now has an official logo thanks to Gameplayer506!

SM3DW: More Green Stars

This mod will add 7 additional stars to every main course in the game (to add up to 10 per stage).

The mod will be released once I add stars to all 8 Main Worlds. After this, I plan to work on adding stars to the Bonus worlds. 
This mod will be released sometime in 2021 and a demo version containing stars for World 1 will be released early in 2021.

I will post teaser images of some new stars from time to time along with a trailer when the mod releases.


Complete World 5 - 2021 Complete World 4 - 2021 Complete World 3 - 2021 Complete World 2 - 2021 Release World 1 Demo - Early 2021 High Priority
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    DuoForce Joined 4y ago
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    Will this also be made for the (superior) switch version?
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    DMMaster636 Joined 11mo ago
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    This looks really cool! It makes me wanna play this game all over again, but with this. I hope the World 1 Demo gets released soon.
    Working on FNF Mods
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  • Will you port this over to Switch version of the game??
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    Yak0 Joined 6mo ago
    Ohhh, this looks promising! I love the idea of adding more secrets and challenges in already existing levels, I hope this mod gets finished soon!
    Good luck :D

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    Fair warning to console users:

    When I had made that triple moltey boss fight stage that I had streamed a while back, I decided to test it on console and realized that right after testing the game couldn't load.
    This is due to permanent changes to the save that can only be fixed via FtpiiU_Everywhere (Savemii_mod doesn't seem to work). Mainly due to the fact I added 2 new stars to the game.
    This mod can Easily cause the same problem if you aren't careful. (This is why you back up save files before testing stuff.)
    Cemu user would be fine sence the game would always have the green star change.

    Either way amazing mod.
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    The Funny Guy
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    9mo 9mo
    I love the variety of like, random bush good luck, new area find it, right there on the tree not hidden. its a good mix 

    I like it I like it alot 
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    Thank you for this masterpiece.
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    Hello, I'm the 3D World guy :) avatar
    Hello, I'm the 3D World guy :)
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