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Persona 4: The Animation Cutscenes - A Work In Progress for Persona 4 Golden (PC)

Progress Report

On Hold at 55% completion


v0.6.1 1y
  • Refactor Renamed the mod
  • Addition Added low quality cutscenes
v0.6 1y Refactor Addition4 v0.5 1y Addition v0.4 1y Addition3 BugFix Tweak Improvement2 v0.3.1 1y BugFix
(ShrineFox Forum Link:

This mod aims to replace most of the in-game cutscenes with those from the anime. All cutscenes have been upscaled to 1080p and have both an English and Japanese dub. Some cutscenes have been edited/tweaked a bit to help fit the scene.

1. Completed Cutscenes

p4ct001 - Welcome to the Velvet Room (Japanese)
p4ct001_c - Welcome to the Velvet Room (Chinese)
p4ct001_e - Welcome to the Velvet Room (English)
p4ct001_k - Welcome to the Velvet Room (Korean)
p4ct002 - To Inaba
p4ct003 - The Midnight Channel
p4ct004 - Into The TV
p4ct005 - Awakening
p4ct006 - Yosuke's Shadow
p4ct007 - Yukiko's Hunt For Her Prince Charming
p4ct019 - Saki's Death
p4ct020 - Morooka's Death

And Both Openings

2. Known Issues

- The quality of a couple cutscenes might be a little bit lower than others, I haven't tested enough to know for sure though.
- Subtitles do not currently work
- Audio might be a little quiet on some cutscenes

3. Requirements:

Inaba Exe Patcher
Aemulus Package Manager (Minimum v1.3.2)

I will not be replacing the Golden cutscenes, only the original cutscenes from the main game. If you would like to do that, feel free to let me know either via the comments or in the Discord server ( I will happily add your work into the mod. You will be credited.
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    Do you have any videos of the cutscenes you have already animated?
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  • Oh man, I remember totally having this idea once before as well. Never left my head though, as I'm no modder and wouldn't even know where to start, lol. Glad to see someone else is giving it a go though! Good luck!
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    Good luck. As I said on Discord, I looked into this idea myself but dropped the idea while it was still in the planning stages.

    I found too many cutscenes to have too many differences to those in-game. How do you plan to workaround these issues? E.g. the Izanami fight?
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    This is a sick idea
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