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Mid Age : Reworked - A Work In Progress for Half-Life

Progress Report

On Hold at 40% completion


Version 0.40 11mo
  • Addition Added The_Cave_Beta
HEY! I'm not dead lmao.
Really sorry for the awful lack of updates, went through some personal stuff. I'm back for good!
I only got 3 (the hardest 3) maps more and i'll be uploading these in a map pack.
Version 0.35 1y Addition Version 0.30 1y Addition Version 0.25 1y Addition Version 0.20 1y Addition2 Adjustment

Sit around and listen, I want to tell you a story...

"Back in 2006, a mapper, programer and modder for the goldsource engine started a new project. It was said to be a total conversion of half life into what can only be described as a survival rpg. Sadly, the name "Mid age" flew under the radar for almost everyone, and -mixed with the lack of interest by the creator itself- was soon forgotten, thrown in the deepest, darkest of corners of ModDB.
Twelve years later after Midage was officially cancelled, a mapper by the name of Kaiser found it once again as he looked through the oldest of mods, although his own lack of consistency and the fact that he barely knew how to map ended his efforts of reviving the project soon after starting...
It is now 2020, and I have found the files once again, this time for good. Follow me as I charismatically put together what (in my opinion) could have been one of the best mods to ever see the light of day."

For real tho'. I'm gonna be attempting to revive a dead mod. I'll program some new enemies, get together a short story and some rough mechanics and post it here. Hope this goes well lmao.

So far:..........
____MAPS (remakes / first set) :
* dm_arena01 - Complete
* dm_midage - Complete
*Example1 - %85
*Example2 - Complete
*Example3 - Complete
*Haldgrob3 - Complete
*Haldgrob_gardens - Complete
*Killarag - Complete
*The_cave_beta - Complete
*The_greatlands - %0
*The_great_forest_b1 - %0
*Townroad - %0
*Skelebois - Complete
*Giant - %0
*Ally_Knight - %0
*Archer - %0
*Cursed_Footman - %0
*Posessed_Crusader - %0

*V1.0 Update video - %30
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    So far i like it a lot. It doesn't have too fancy mapping and it keeps the old school half-life mod quality to it. I'm really looking forward to this mod
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    So half life with fantasy weapons and enemies?
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    This look promising
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    Fumo gaming
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    I'll be getting rid of some screenshots and we should have only 2 of each map by the next update. I feel like my maps are looking kind of boring lately, but maybe it's just me haha. I'll try to just finish the remake ones and maybe take a break on mapping and get on modelling for the mod. I hope its just a temporary feeling haha. Just wanted to let you know in case anything happens.
    Once again thanks to:

    - For the squeleton skins.

    wong ching ku
    - For the crossbow skin.
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    Master of unfinished projects.
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    Lookin' good
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    a humen
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    Gone Postal
    "Need some help thinking of new enemies"

    I think you should add a few demons. Not just any demons like what you see in games like Doom. Make the demons people. People who seem normal but are really psychopaths who are extremely evil. Haunted by their insanity. Make them fallen knights or something. Have knights lying on the ground and when the player walks near one have them suddenly rise.

    "weapons and maps."

    I have an idea for a dungeon that's situated with great heights and lights. Bridges, water, some color, moving platforms, puzzles, secret places with great rewards, just a fun map with some enemies while also allowing players to catch their breath. I think the dungeon should be mid game, near to the end in my opinion. If you want ideas that follow this, look to major dungeons in games like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past. You will have a lot of fun.

    For weapons, I suggest a bow an arrow. A bow and arrow that as the game progresses upgrades and becomes more powerful over time.
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    you monster
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    great job
    keep working 
    i like it bro :)
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    Those footsteps sound quite loud in the video.
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    I hate point farmers.
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