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Misteramen's Special CT Mission.

A Work In Progress for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Progress Report



Where is everyone? the pack is done! f**k all of u 14d
  • Overhaul The pack is ready
  • Addition Bloodstrike has its thumbnail now,even though it's flipped.
Welp,that's a negative,I'm alone ;(
Swap Costumes! 16d Optimization Nightmares are still far away~ 17d Adjustment2

Thanks for your review (even though some of 'em were a "glass of no")~.

As long as I'm new into Gamebanana,I would ever challenge myself and everyone with a surprise... also maintains a custom difficulty and skill template that will cause increased difficulty and frustration UNLESS YOU WERE A PRO PLAYER.

Because I was bored thinking of new and interesting ideas so I decided to put a reference (FNAF & PvZ. Some of you might like or dislike one of them,or eventually both).

There are few interesting things about the new template:

'Nightmare' difficulty
-Its attributes contain no reaction time,which makes the bot in this difficulty level instantly shoot at anything spotted at his sight,works like expert bots.

-Some of 'our' enemies at some point of TOD will appear as Nightmares. But luckily there are teammates that has a special difficulty made by myself (and... even the hardest ones can be taken down if you're lucky).
-A special difficulty template made by myself.

*'Destruction' skill
-The bot with this skill template was expected to prefer HE Grenades more frequently than Smoke 'nades or Flashbangs,which will injure one or more enemies with some damage.
-The basic weapon (WeaponPreference) on this template was likely Assault Rifles.
-A special skill template made by myself.

Probably I'm not held responsible with the issue of being able to unlock all the tiers in Normal difficulty even though I already set the value,guess what?

Also with another issue that the thumbnail of certain maps were unavailable or eventually flipped if available... I was about to add them if it's missing or turning its degrees if it's flipped. I'm also not held responsible with this one even though they were my screenshots. It's because of the obvious image converter did something obvious to me (and everyone who have ever used it).

And also,there are maps belong to others so I'll read the overviews,then mentioning them... if you think your map is NOT ALLOWED FOR MY MISSION,then I'll put it away with original backup maps such as de_sienna_cz,de_fastline_cz,cs_siege,etc (will be used just in case you don't like my actions on using others' maps which forces me to remove some)...

To be honest,I'm an Indonesian and I'm sorry if there are few spelling mistakes (the extra rule in here is:"spelling reflects your professionalism"). And I'm not really a pro player when it comes to fighting Nightmares,both in my dream and my favorite game.

Probably,the reference takeout is over! this is obvious!

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