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Consistent kill icons jungle inferno fix - A Work In Progress for Team Fortress 2

Progress Report

Canceled at 2% completion

A fix for the consistent kill icon mod with slight alterations and more kill icons

I canceled this because I just got burned out and I don't feel like doing this mod anymore. I'll probably only post full mods from now on.
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    I was planning on making my own kill icon mod but someone linked me to this, do you need any help with some redesigns? I'm not very experienced in moding but I'm somewhat good with photoshop
    this is my first time making a killicon, when it's scaled-down it looks fairly decent
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    So there is a pack made by the same creator in the workshop that adds some missing kill icons like the medic shield or the short circuit ball here is the link:

    And I suggest you to add some icons like short miniguns the awper and CAPPER new kill icons
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    a idiot with a dream
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    Wait a minute, there's already a fixed version out for the original mod that was on the workshop. If you're planning to redesign some of the icons then let us know which ones.
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    Engie main here.
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    ChilledKen Joined 1y ago
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    This makes me really happy. I just want to know why all the other mods didn't change backstab or headshot icons.

    TF2 gamer
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    I already personally fixed it

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    Probably one of the most important additions to TF2 imo. I wish these were put into the game through the workshop.
    Anyway, good luck on this mod.
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