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Beta Aesthetics - A Work In Progress for Half-Life 2.

Here you can take a look at my attempt to recreate a well-known Half Life 2 Beta style. I was inspired by maps from 2001-2002 beta and decided to make this addon. At the moment, I have almost finished work on the addon, so the release may be at the end of this summer, or in the fall. I didn't pay too much attention to development, I did it when I was bored (quarantine, you know). Because of this, for a long time I did not upload the addon to Gamebanana or other sites. But now, when the addon is in more or less normal quality, I decided to post a couple of screenshots and present it. Some time before the release I will add a trailer. 

In addition to changing textures and models, sounds and music were changed too (I replaced the original soundtrack with unused music for one of the Half Life games (Album by Chris Jensen: "Mishaps in the Reactor Chamber"). It is possible that these tracks should have sounded in Half Life: Opposing Force or even in HL2 beta (one of them plays in the first trailer and is called "Docks"). 
It is worth saying that the addon does not change the maps themselves, as well as the plot. Same game, different atmosphere. 

I want to thank those people whose content was used in my "Beta Aesthetics". I will definitely show these users in the credits, when the addon will be released. Now only those users whose content is in the screenshots will be displayed (because during development, I can abandon some of the models, textures and other). If you saw your work in my addon, then let me know in the comments. 

Special thanks to: kubiiik_svK, RizGBlue, Mr_K (for inspiration), Jman, JoshZ, Based Eymane. Of course, you all did not know about this, but without you this addon would not exist.
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