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Hyrule Revamped

A Work In Progress for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

Progress Report

In Development - 6% finished


Version 0.1 15d
  • Addition Lon Lon Ranch Stable now accesable
  • Addition Northern Necluda Village accesable
  • Addition Cave near Fort Hateno accesable
  • Addition Settlements in west necluda accesable
As this is still a very early version that's still on heavy work, I didn't add collision to most of the new models yet, and as mentioned before, the npcs are placeholders, but some of them already have working schedules and such. This version is mostly so you guys can feel what the mod's about.

Aiming for less emptiness

This project aims to add more content to the land of Hyrule, ranging from new characters, enemy strongholds, caves, settlements, etc. I don't plan to follow a strict set of changes, because coming up with content to add and where to is something that just comes naturally while exploring. So, I pretend to keep adding updates whenever major changes occur. For now, no playable version yet :/

About the NPCs you see in the screenshots, they're only placeholders for the time being, as I pretend to change their apperance/dialogue as much as possible.

I'm totally accepting feedback on this, as I definetely need ideas on what to add in certain (if not a lot) places, so feel free to share your ideas here.



Snow Village in Hebra 29% High Priority Lon Lon Ranch Stable 60% High Priority Better Caves in Necluda 39% Northern Necluda Village 60% Low Priority Revamping Dueling Peaks (Currently impossible to progress) 90% Low Priority
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  • How about a settlement of daredevils near Hyrule Castle? Like aalmost the entire area of hyrule field and around hyrule castle is just ruins and guardians. also, how about an underground village? like nearby eldin or sumtin. theres no caves in botw, having a village in a cave would be really fresh

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  • Fizzin Pop avatar
    Fizzin Pop username pic Joined 2mo ago
    in the void
    BOTW 1.5 is what this mod'll be once it's done. And I can't wait to play it!
    botw is fun - Fizzin 2020
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  • TNephilim avatar
    TNephilim Joined 10mo ago
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    19d 19d
    As a suggestion, how about a couple or a few islands out in the water. I would say there's a decent bit of unused water. Espescially between main hyrule and eventide. They can even be islands from wind waker such as the one with the deku tree. Or just fully custom ones. Maybe medium sized or something. I dunno what size would be good. Maybe something underground at hyrule castle such as more halls and chambers using assets from the rest of the castle. And finally, maybe some sort of graveyard with a spooky feel like inside of the lost woods or maybe just somewhere else but with the lost woods mist and trees around it. and maybe it has a mausoleum that leads to some spooky catacombs. I dunno how big of a task these suggestions are but i hope at least the graveyard with a small dungeon under it and maybe a small island wouldn't be too much. I'm not pushing these suggestions super hard but these are just some concepts I think are cool. If I think of any others I will suggest any to hopefully give you some ideas
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  • pucas01 avatar
    pucas01 Joined 20d ago

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  • Could you make it compatible with console?
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  • TNephilim avatar
    TNephilim Joined 10mo ago
    129 points Ranked 65,443rd
    Maybe you can add the original gerudo fortress, kakariko, zora's domain or castle town from OoT? Or maybe just other places from older games
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    WOW so u came back :0, the lon lon ranch revamp still going to be a thing?
    Freedom ~
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