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[WiP] Original Sound Pack for BfBBR

A Work In Progress for SpongeBob: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated

Progress Report

In Development - 5% finished

Replaces sounds with their original counterparts.

This mod replaces some sounds with their original counterparts from the original version of BfBB.

If you want the original music as well, download this pack!

Current Changes:


Bomb Bot:

  • Alert Sound
  • Explosion Sound


  • Splash Sound
  • Alert Sound
  • Cocking Sound
  • Throwing Sound


  • Destruction Sound
  • Wind Down Sound
  • Idle Sound


  • Alert Sound
  • Damage Sounds
  • Destruction Sounds
  • Shooting Sounds
  • Stun Sound


  • Alert Sound
  • Attack Loops
  • Pop Sounds
  • Spawn Sounds


  • Original Shiny Object Sound
  • Original Checkpoint Sound (Need to make higher quality/cleaner version somehow)



  • Bubble Bowl Charge (Also doesn't cut off.)
  • Bubble Bowl Throw Sound
  • All Cruise Bubble Sounds
  • Tiptoe sound at correct volume.


  • Scrolling Sounds Restored (Squeaking Only. There are no separate sounds for changing spats.
  • Select/Back Sounds Restored


  • 4d insert_drive_file 2020-07-01


Remove bubble wand hitsound
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  • Thym_ avatar
    Thym_ Joined 7d ago
    access_time 6d edit 6d
    I just wanna let you know that you seem to have accidentally replaced the Chomp-Bot's alert sound (which already was the same as the OG) with the OG Fodder's alert sound, Tar-Tar's alert sound is still missing something and Spongeball activation and exit sounds are different.

    Aside from that this mod is already amazing (also you're a god for fixing the bubble bowl wind up sound, seriously)
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  • qushel78 avatar
    qushel78 Joined 6d ago
    access_time 6d
    A tutorial would be nice cause i want to replace the german voices with the og bfbb ones because the new one sounds very terrible.
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  • access_time 6d edit 6d
    -In Rehydrated, releasing the Bubble Bowl causes a sound that's just a pitched-up version of the Checkpoint's new sound (it was its own unique sound in the 2003 version)
    -breaking the Shhh Tikis should lead to the same noise as breaking the other tikis, but it causes a different sound instead.
    -the Shiny Object sound is different
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  • OrangeBandito avatar
    OrangeBandito username pic Joined 4y ago
    in da streets
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    access_time 6d
    Idk if it's in Rehydrated but Fodders have a different death sound. It may be really quiet but I miss the old death sound.
    I come here often. avatar
    I come here often.
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  • Thym_ avatar
    Thym_ Joined 7d ago
    access_time 7d
    So here's what I know sounds different in Rehydrated (aside from the stuff you already changed):

    -Fodders have a different attack-swing sound 
    -Chuck has a different alert sound
    -G-Love has a different alert sound
    -Tar-Tar has a different alert sound, as well as different sounds for shooting the tartar
    -Bom-Bot has a different alert sound
    -Bzzt-Bot has a no alert sound
    -Tubelets have no alert sound
    -almost all bots have different destruction sounds
    -the Duplicatotron's explosion sound is similar to the OG BfBB, but is alot more quiet in comparison
    -although SpongeBob's footsteps sound the same, they are barely hearable
    -SpongeBob's Bubble bounce sounds alot more quiet aswell
    -the checkpoint activation sound is different
    -Robo Sandy's clothesline move sound is different
    -Robo Pat's spinning sound is different
    -Robo Sponge's attack where he slides his arm across the platforms is different
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  • Inorizushi avatar
    Inorizushi Joined 7d ago
    499 points Ranked 46356th
    access_time 7d
    If you have any ideas for sounds to revive, leave a comment.
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Inorizushi avatar
Inorizushi Joined 7d ago
499 points Ranked 46356th
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