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P4G Music Manager

A Work In Progress for Persona 4 Golden (PC)

Progress Report


P4G Song replacing made easy!

P4G Music Manager simplifies replacing Persona 4 Golden's music to just a few clicks! No messing around with command line or dealing with all the files. Just select a replacement song (.wav) for one (or all) of P4G's songs, hit Save then Create, and a new BGM.xwb file will automatically be created filled with the songs you've replaced. From there it's a simple copy and paste over P4G's BGM.xwb and you're ready to go!

A new method for replacing music is now available through TGE's (big thanks!) p4gpc modloader ( (! This method doesn't require remaking the BGM.xwb, possibly multiple times, but does require setting up Reloaded II ( with TGE's modloader and encoding files for use in P4G with a tool like P4G_PC_Music_Converter ( First release will still use the xacttool method while I look into adding support for this new one!

  1. Simplifies replacing P4G's music to just selecting files!
  2. Replacing multiple songs at once? No problem! All the complex stuff is handled behind the scenes; you'll get one new BGM.xwb file with all your songs ready to go!
  3. Loads and saves loop point settings automatically! Once you find the perfect loop points, don't worry about saving them to a text file somewhere, the app will do it for you! If a Song Pack comes with predefined loop settings, they'll automatically load in the app! No more copy and pasting!
  4. One click extraction of Original songs from BGM.xwb!
  5. Easily play and compare Original songs (once extracted) and Replacement songs with your default media player!
  6. Enable or disable songs for replacing, without removing them! Useful for testing buggy songs by reducing BGM.xwb creation time.

TGE's xacttool*: or Discord Attachment (Direct DL)
*xacttool requires .NET Core installed:

The app shows some basic instructions on how to get up and running. Let me know if more in-depth instructions are needed. If someone makes a better set up/usage guide on gamebanana, steamcommunity, or shrinefox's forums let me know!

Download Icon: Extracts wav files from BGM.xwb.
Attachment Icon: Opens a file select window, choose the file (.wav) you want to use to replace the song.
Pencil Icon: Create a new BGM.xwb with current songs.

When you're ready to make a new BGM.xwb, hit Save then Create. Depending on how many songs were selected, this might take a while... Once it's finished, your new BGM.xwb filled with all your songs can be found in the output folder of the app! Just copy and paste it over P4G's BGM.xwb and you're done!

Saved Settings (.p4g Files):

Song Packs and .p4g Files:

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  • access_time 2d
    How do I get the original Tracks in The P4G Music Manager, because it says that BMG001.wav is missing.
    URL to post:
  • access_time 6d
    I probably messed something up on my end, but after saving and copying over the original file I have no sound other than cut scenes.
    URL to post:
  • CTCOLA avatar
    CTCOLA Joined 9d ago
    access_time 7d
    Thank you so fecking much. I love this. 

    URL to post:
  • bodacious12 avatar
    bodacious12 Joined 7d ago
    access_time 7d
    Umm... where... is the download link?
    URL to post:
  • tom avatar
    tom username pic Joined 19y ago
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    tom avatar
    End Boss
    access_time 9d
    Amazing work! Any interest in making a mod manager that has 1-click download integration on gamebanana?
    testing 1234 222
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  • AB1 avatar
    AB1 username pic Joined 3y ago
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    access_time 9d
    Thank you SO much
    It's only natural. avatar
    It's only natural.
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  • Taimoya avatar
    Taimoya Joined 9d ago
    access_time 9d
    This is awesome. i changed some music in the game already with the more difficult way of doing it (commands and such) so for the future when i decide to change more this will be very useful. thank you!
    Life Is Good avatar
    Life Is Good
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  • INSBDominator avatar
    INSBDominator Joined 15d ago
    access_time 10d
    "Countin' on ya!"
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  • Chaotix_ avatar
    Chaotix_ username pic Joined 4y ago
    641 points Ranked 44189th
    access_time 10d
    "I've been waiting for this!"
    I've been waiting for this! avatar
    I've been waiting for this!
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  • Flame the Maniaac avatar
    Flame the Maniaac Joined 2y ago
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    access_time 10d
    Let's fuckin go, just what I needed.

    I could work the console but this damn bug where the music just goes nonexistant didn't help.
    The Pana of Sonic Mania avatar
    The Pana of Sonic Mania
    URL to post:


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