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Pokemon Sword and Shield Music Modpack

A Work In Progress for Pokemon Sword & Shield

Progress Report

In Development - 65% finished


.65 7d
  • - Wyndon, Oleana and Team Yell
I'm proud to announce this project is, with more 2 or 3 updates, almost at the end, finnaly!

.55 12d .45 16d .4 20d .35 23d
This project will try to replace almost all/all music in pokemon swsh to any other music that kinda fits in.

Till now, these are the musics that have been replaced:

-Wild battle - Try try again from M&L:DT (me)
-Hulbury City - Station Square from Sonic Advanture (me)
-Staff Credits - Reach for the stars from Sonic Colors (me)
-Wild Area theme 1 and 2 - Fossil Falls and Hyrule Field respactively (me)
-Champion battle - Battle Brain from pokemon platinum (me)
-Pokéjobs - Creative exercise from mario paint (me)
-Botique - Mable Shop from animal crossing new horizons (me)
-Battle Tower - Megalovania from undertale (me)
-Stow-on-Side - Zinnia battle theme remix by Mewmore (me)
-Route 1 - Route 1 from Pokemon Let's Go (me)
-Postwick - Twinleaf Town from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (me)
-Wedgehurst - Aspertia City from Pokemon Black and White 2 (me)
-Bede battle - For true story (shadow battle) from Sonic Adventure 2 (me)
-Marnie battle - Vs Character from Sonic 06 (me)
-Trainer battle - Oki Doki form M&L:BiS (me)
-Team Yell Admin battle (7th gym) - Mirror B battle from Pokemon XD (me)
-Hop battle - Battle theme from Paper Mario TTYD (me)
-The Secret of Stow-on-Side's Mural - World 5 from Super Mario Galaxy 2 (me)
-Salon - Wii U Mii editor (me)
-Slumbering Weald - Forest Maze from Super Mario RPG (me)
-Glimwood Tangle - Forest Interlude from Donkey Kong Country 2 (me)
-Motostoke - Empire City day from Sonic Unleashed (me)
-Bede Overworld Theme - Balue the Mason from Klonoa (me)
-Route 3 - Ruddy Road from Paper Mario Color Splash (me)
-Storming Rose Tower - Waluigi Pinball (MKDS) from Super Smash Bros WiiU (me)
-Circhester - Frozen Factory (Zone 1) from Sonic Lost World (me)
-Title screen - Title screen from pokemon heart gold and soul silver (me)
-Magnolia/lab - Pokemon school from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia (me)
-Leon overworld - Friends from Pokemon XY (me)
-Chairman overworld - Phantom from Persona 5 (me)
-Turfield - Mumbo's Mountain from Banjo-Kazooie (me)
-Ballonlea - Twilight forest from Drawn to Life (me)
-Wyndon - Ever Grande City from Pokemon Ruby and Saphire (me)
-Oleana - Boss battle theme from Mario Tennis Aces (me)
-Team Yell - Team Skull from Pokemon Sun and Moon (me)
-Team Yell encounter - Go-Rock squad encounter from Pokemon Ranger (me)
-Eternatus phase 2 and 3 - Shadow Bonnie Minigame Drumstep/DnB Remix by Delta Hedron and Five Nights at Freddy's 1,2,3,4 medley remix by The Living Tombstone respectively (moneymech)
-Galar mines - Terrydactyland (Inside Caves) from Banjo-Tooie (moneymech)

If you have any suggestion or want to help feel free to comment or DM me in either discord or twitter!

(As of the 0.3 update, I will no longer update the file since I reached the capacity of the W.I.P file, but I will eventually add the musics has each individual mods and when the modpack is finished!)

Here's a tutorial for sound ripping


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  • access_time 1mo edit 1mo
    Hey there, aspiring modder here. So i'm in the proccess of also doing some sound mods and notice your file. Do you have a list of all the sounds listed as what they actually do? Or are you just playing them all 1 by 1? Since all the sound and music files are just random numbers.

    I would appreciate if you could share with me your own list if you made your own or direct me to a list thats out there. Since right now i'm just going through the files 1 at a time and its taking a while.

    Also have you found a way to fix the looping issue? Cause i'm using songs that are longer than the original songs in the game.
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  • Nico2001 avatar
    Nico2001 Joined 4y ago
    546 points Ranked 45603rd
    access_time 1mo
    can you add previews of what the replacements are? I wanna hear it before installing to see if I like it or not :)  
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