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Chaos Emerald Monitor - A Work In Progress for Sonic 3 A.I.R.

Progress Report

In Development - 30% finished


v0.1.1.1 2y
  • Addition Added icon support for the new in-game mod manager (untested)
  • BugFix (v0.1.1) Chaos emeralds acquired from the monitor should now save properly
v0.1.1 was released almost two weeks ago, but I didn't feel that such a small update warranted submitting an update for the mod. This update is mainly focused at adding icon support for the latest preview release of AIR, though this mod is still based around the current stable release of AIR.


This mod adds Chaos (and Super) Emerald monitors to the game. When broken, they will either give the player one Chaos (or Super) Emerald or 50 rings (currently) depending on whether or not they've already collected all the Chaos (or Super) Emeralds. 

They are currently only supported when playing with randomized monitors and will not appear in underground monitors at the end of acts. They currently have a 10% rate for testing purposes and this will likely be reduced in the final build by default.

As this mod is a WIP, there is no guarantee that everything will function properly or that it'll be compatible with other mods.
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  • For anyone who cant get this mod working, download debug mode+ (search it up) then apply it same with the chaos emeralds monitor but before you exit the mod section, put chaos emeralds monitor on top of debug mode+. Then go to any zone, enable debug mode, switch to the s monitor, press y. There should also be a icon in bottom right. When you pressed y the number and icon will switch. Press y until it reaches 0C. Then just press x to spawn it. It will spawn the chaos emerald monitor. After breaking it, it should give you a chaos emerald. Like this comment if its helpful.
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    how do i get the 
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    is there a way to make the chances of getting the monitor higher?
    It's annoying when I gotta reset constantly to get one with hyper emeralds, then if I save I come back to only have 1 again and then I gotta repeat again since the hyper emeralds are buggy for some reason
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  • Why are you not working the mod!!!!!!!
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  • soon you will pay for this!! it doesnt work for me!!!!
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    "They Currently Have 10% Rate"

    How do i set it to 100% rate?
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    Is there a json file for the chaos emeralds? I wanna make a mod with these so is there one?
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    12mo 12mo
    Is there a certain randomised monitors mod I need, can you please supply a link to it if there is one. Is it this one?
    Aw yeah, this is happenin'!!!
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  • your mod i cool i really want to see the final release version
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  • hey this is kinda like triple trouble when you would break open a emerald monitor this is really cool!

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