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Baldi's Fun New School Plus™ (Alpha 5) - A Work In Progress for Baldi's Basics

Progress Report

In Development - 68% finished


Old Versions Are Back + Dev Versions! 10mo
  • Addition Added Download For Previously Released Alpha Versions Of BFNS+ (With A New Installer For Each)
  • Addition Added Download For Development Versions Of Alpha 1 And 4 Of BFNS+
I've brought back the previous alpha versions of BFNS+ (Alpha 1 through Alpha 4.5) as well as never before released development versions of Alpha 1 and 4. They are all available in the BFNS+ Multiversion Installers file which you can download below, which uses a new method I'm trying for installing BFNS Plus. Enjoy!
67% (Alpha 5) 1y BugFix Feature Addition4 Tweak Improvement2 Overhaul Removal 65% 1y Addition Improvement 64% (Alpha 4.5) 1y Improvement2 Suggestion2 Adjustment Addition2 Removal BugFix 62% (2YMA 1.1) 1y Improvement2 Tweak BugFix3 Addition2

The Sequel To Baldi's Fun New School!

Original Baldi's Fun New School Mod:

1. Welcome To Baldi's Fun New School Plus!

Baldi's Fun New School Plus is the currently under development sequel to Baldi's Fun New School. The final version is planned to have features such as More LevelsNew CharactersBetter SettingsMultiple EndingsRandom EventsImprovements, and more. At the moment, Alpha versions are available, which include some of the features, although not all. Later versions will add these features over time. As the mod gets closer to 1.0, new things and improvements will be added, and when the final version comes out, which is planned for Summer 2020, it should have a lot content-wise! Also, keep in mind this is still in heavy development, so you might encounter bugs or glitches. 

2. About Baldi's Fun New School Plus!

In this game, you must collect notebooks while avoiding Baldi. At first, things might seem normal, but once you answer wrong, Baldi will start coming after you! Not only do you have to worry about Baldi, but also his friends! You'll see some familiar faces, along with new ones! His friends can either help or hinder your progress as you explore the levels, looking for all the notebooks. As you progress in Experience Mode, you'll discover not everything is as it seems...

3. Multiple Game Modes

In the final version, there are planned to be a total of 6 main game modes, some of which will consist of multiple playable modes. The planned modes are...

Experience Mode, Chosen Mode, Infinite Mode, Challenge Mode, Trip Mode And Ultimate Mode.

4. Many Features

Besides game modes, many features are also planned in the final version. Some of these are:

New Characters, More Settings, Multi-Platform Support, And Improved Level Design.

5. Links

Links to content relating to Baldi's Fun New School Plus can be visited below:
Wiki Page:
GJ Page:
My Twitter (Updates Are Posted Here, And Teasers):
YT Channel (Development Is Also Posted Here):

6. Credits

Basically Games - Made Baldi's Basics
JohnsterSpaceProgram - Made This Mod
Nanes Potatoes - Made The Anim8or Baldi Model
Saintza/Splintza - Made Some Music, Helped With Font, Deafen Character Idea, Beans Help
TheBaldiModder452 - Made Title Screen, Made Some Map Layouts, Other Help
Kayipkux - Also Gave Me Some Map Layouts

7. For Those Looking To Contribute

Go to one of the links below, and submit your idea! Some submitted ideas have already been added, and more are planned. Also, submissions must be appropriate and not already used. 

Baldi's Fun New School Plus will greatly expand upon the original mod with many new additions and features.Without all of you, I couldn't of gotten this far! More Info Here:

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