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Beta-Style TF2 Effects

A Work In Progress for Team Fortress 2

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Progress Report



Finished! 24d
  • Addition Added Beta Concrete Decals, Beta Grenade Launcher Particles & Thirdperson Minigun Muzzleflashes
This will be the Final Release version. Stay tuned for more!
Beta 5 25d Addition2 Adjustment BugFix Beta 4 26d Addition Beta 3 27d Addition BugFix
This attempts to restore and or recreate the Beta Effects for Team Fortress 2. 

A lot of Team Fortress 2's particles and effects changed throughout development. Some used Half-Life 2 particles (blood), some modified Half-Life 2 particles (explosions) whereas others were created from the ground up (Teleporter/Muzzleflashes/Minigun Casings). The Beta Lighting was also very different, resembling J.C. Leyendecker's work more than the final game.

  • Add Thirdperson Beta Minigun Muzzleflashes Done!
  • Add Sentry & Grenade/Stickybomb Launcher Muzzleflashes Done!
  • Add Beta Explosions Done!
  • Add Beta Minigun Casings Done!
  • Add the Beta Player Lighting Done!
  • Add Beta Flamethrower Flames Done!
  • Add Beta Cloak Effects Done!
  • Add Beta Grenade Launcher Particles Done!
  • Add Beta Concrete Decals Done!
  • Add HL2-Style Blood Impact Effects Done!
  • Add Beta Rocket Trails Done!
  • Add Beta-Style Teleporter Effects Done!


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  • Nagatoro07 avatar
    Nagatoro07 Joined 2y ago
    230 points Ranked 54419th
    access_time 23d edit 23d
    So when are you going to post the full release on this page?
    Uh, hi.
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  • Suaj avatar
    Suaj Joined 8mo ago
    Probably asleep
    69 points Ranked 61985th
    access_time 24d
    Reminds me A LOT of the cartoonish particle effects, but unironically this fits with the game more than they do. Great work, Sandvich! Can't wait for more mods with this quality! :D
    fortnite bad
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  • access_time 24d
    Does this work on Valve server or is it restricted like other particle effects ?
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  • Lil Drummer avatar
    Lil Drummer Joined 2y ago
    255 points Ranked 53053rd
    access_time 24d edit 24d
    could you do a Version without the explosions? i have the explosions off and this mod interferes with my no-explosion mod, i like the rest but i don't wanna the explosions :)
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  • access_time 25d
    Hello, I love this mod, but I noticed an issue with the Heavy, if I start firing and stop, but keep my gun revved then the firing effect stays on
    • Agree x 1
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  • fatkins avatar
    fatkins Joined 8mo ago
    237 points Ranked 54181st
    access_time 25d
    Y E S                          Y E S                                 Y E S
    Done, and done right. avatar
    Done, and done right.
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  • EnderPlays avatar
    EnderPlays Joined 1y ago
    446 points Ranked 46842nd
    5 medals 1 rare
    • Returned 1000 times Medal icon
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    • 6 months a member Medal icon
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    • 1 year a member Medal icon
    access_time 26d edit 25d
    Is this only supposed to work with the stock minigun or something? (for me) It only works for stock. I tried using the iron curtain and any other minigun and it was the default muzzle flash.
    Also, the flame particles don't work, at all. Once again, not that the flames are invisible which happens with some mods like brutal team fortress for example, but it's replaced with the default flames. I downloaded the latest version and they just don't work.
    Edit: Nevermind, the stock minigun is now broken also. The bullets are coming from the center of the screen and it constantly plays the near-miss bullet sound effects. Every other minigun is fine but doesn't have the muzzle flash
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  • Japanman avatar
    Japanman Joined 3mo ago
    access_time 26d
    This is 

    A  E  S  T  H  E  T  I  C
    Ok cool account for exploring avatar
    Ok cool account for exploring
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  • Axisez avatar
    Axisez Joined 4mo ago
    access_time 27d
    Works in valve servers which is amazing I was wondering could you possibly make more muzzleflashes work like this one?

    • wtf x 1
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  • Polygonex avatar
    Polygonex Joined 7y ago
    8,613 points Ranked 715th
    12 medals 2 rare
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    • 6 months a member Medal icon
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    • 2 years a member Medal icon
    access_time 27d
    Will be using this in a few moments, good job!
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Key Authors
Sandvich Thief
Creating the Particles & Effects, Restoring Muzzleflashes
Special Thanks
Paysus Joined 7y ago
Skinning/Modelling Expert
75,033 points Ranked 58th
26 medals 2 legendary 5 rare
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  • Reached 100 subscribers Medal icon
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  • 10 submissions featured Medal icon
Making the original Beta Minigun Muzzleflash Mod on Gamebanana
wwwaffles321 Joined 9y ago
Making the original Beta Muzzleflash Mod on Gamebanana
Scuzzelbut Joined 1y ago
574 points Ranked 44554th
Finding the Beta Flamethrower Flame Texture


Sandvich Thief avatar
Sandvich Thief username pic Joined 1y ago
I've Dead Rang
1,366 points Ranked 22354th
16 medals 1 legendary 2 rare
  • 2019 Top Contributor Medal icon
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Sandvich Thief avatar
Sandvich Thief

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