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Better foliage for Half-Life 2 - A Work In Progress for Half-Life 2

Progress Report

In Development - 76% finished


Beta 1.3 - available for download 1y
  • Overhaul All trees from Half-Life 2 are completely redone
  • Addition The first mod release for Episode One
  • Improvement Fully working collision models for new trees
Better foliage for Half-Life 2 - Beta 1.3 is now available for download.

What is included:

- Completely redone trees for Half-Life 2 and Episode One
- Background trees for Half-Life 2 and Episode One
- Redone ground leaves texture
- Reeds
- Grass for Half-Life 2 and Episode One
- Bush

How to install:

- Download better_foliage_hl2_beta_1_3.7z and better_foliage_ep1_beta_1_3.7z archives with mods from this page. (Or choose and download versions in VPK archives.)
- Extract folder with mod from better_foliage_hl2_beta_1_3.7z archive and put it in your Half-Life 2 custom folder. (...\hl2\custom\Better foliage HL2)
- Extract folder with mod from better_foliage_ep1_beta_1_3.7z archive and put it in your Half-Life 2: Episode One custom folder. (...\episodic\custom\Better foliage EP1)
- Done!

If you use AI Upscaled Half-Life 2 mod or another texture mod or mod replacing tree models in the game, then replace it with files from my mod.

I highly recommend using my mod with AI Upscaled Half-Life 2 mod and Half-Life 2: Episode One 4X AI Textures.

Do you like my screenshots that I posted on the mod page? Then try Aperture Reshade for Half-Life 2!

Beta 1.2 1y Overhaul2 Beta 1.1 - available for download: 1y Improvement Addition2 Beta 1: 1y Addition Improvement Adjustment Overhaul

Games of the Half-Life 2 series have a very large fan base and are still popular, especially now, after the announcement and release of Half-Life: Alyx. However, there are not so many graphic mods for this series of games, especially mods related to vegetation in games. I never liked default vegetation in Half-Life 2 and episodes, compared to everything else in gamea, it looks really awful, sorry. Therefore, I decided to surf the entire Internet and find at least something sane, and then put together in one mod. 

Current Progress:

- Trees for Half-Life 2 and Episode One - Done
- Background trees for Half-Life 2 - Done
- Background trees for Episode One - Done
- Trees for Episode Two - In process
- Background trees for Episode Two - In process
- Ground leaves texture - Done
- Reeds - Done
- Grass for Half-Life 2 and Episode One - Done
- Grass for Episode Two - In process
- Ivy texture - Scheduled
- Bushes - In process
- More texture variants for trees, grass, reeds and other vegetation in game - Scheduled
- New ground textures - Scheduled
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