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Project Sonic!

A Work In Progress for Super Smash Bros. (Wii U)

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Progress Report

In Development - 0% finished

Little part of a Big project!

Hi, I haven't been here in a while.
First, I would like to explain a few unrelated things.
1. My Wii U has broken and I cannot test anything at the moment until I get a new one.
2. I may not be well liked here and I understand that, but modding this game is the only thing that truly makes me happy.
3. As soon as I get my new Wii U this page will be filled with content showcasing the work I have done IN GAME, For now this is the only thing that I can show.
4. I do not wish to cause any problems nor make any "drama" within the community! I just want to create something that I, along with others, can enjoy.

Now about this modpack!

1. This project is a part of a bigger modpack that I am working on. This is just the sonic portion of it. Currently, I am trying to make a TON of different movesets for characters over other characters without replacing someone in the same series. (ex. Classic sonic over sonic without Modern Sonic over someone else replacement, Gooigi over Luigi, Blaziken over Lucario etc.)

2. Since I cannot model, This will use other creators models, BUT I WILL NOT RE-UPLOAD THEIR WORK!  Just link to them and possibly make an explanation video and/or written tutorial on how to get the models to work correctly.

3. I've been working on my animation skills for the past two years and I've become better and better everyday! So hopefully these animations please you! The animations are subject to change and being reworked, so what you see IS NOT the "final product"! If an animation looks old/weird I'll change it and then look at it again at a later date to see how better/worse it is, and if it needs to be redone!

4. ALL MOVESETS ARE ORIGINAL! I try to avoid copying others and their ideas with movesets for characters and I also try to stay away from videos of characters that I make movesets for!
(ex. KNUCKLES MOVESET FOR SMASH ULTIMATE) To be honest, I'm not even sure if that is a thing or not, but we all know it is. Also, if something is similar/exactly the same as someone else's idea IT IS PURE COINCIDENCE, OR COMMON KNOWLEDGE! (ex. Shadow's Chaos spear as his neutral special) 
If it turns out to be an issue, it can and will be changed!

Please don't remove this admins!, Please message me directly and I will make any and all changes you request! The only thing I ask is that you consult me directly about removing this IF it needs to be taken down!

64ios 's video:

Silver The Hedgehog model by KTH:
Shadow The Hedgehog model by KTH:

If you want to give direct feedback, and or "join/create a team" you can directly contact me on discord!


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