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[WIP][CS:S]Restored Faces on Weapon Models

A Work In Progress for Counter-Strike: Source

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Progress Report

In Development - 0% finished


tmp 13d
  • Addition tmp completed
ump-45 next.

Valve needs to finish their models.

got back into the groove of modding with this i helped out millenia with for l4d2. did some other stuff for l4d2 after that and decided to make a p90 mod for l4d2 as well. being a sucker for default models, i wanted to stick with the default valve feeling, so naturally i turned over to cs:source to get the p90 model. something i have not tried before was restoring missing faces, so i decided to give my hand at it, and it turned out really damn nice for a first try. so, i've decided i'm going to continue this little project and do it for the rest of the weapons.

as far as i know, restored versions of the ak-47, m4a1, usp tactical, sg 552, desert eagle, galil, scout, awp, sg 550, glock, elites, mac-10, famas, p228, ump-45, and g3sg1 already exist. i'm going to use these models as a base and see if there's anything i can improve upon or just re-do them from scratch (or maybe both?) 

glock: incomplete
usp tactical: incomplete
p228: incomplete

desert eagle: incomplete
five-seven: incomplete
elites: incomplete
tmp: complete
mac-10: incomplete
mp5: incomplete
(buttstock is a problem; will take the buttstock from the world model and see if i can make it look okay-ish)
ump-45: incomplete
p90: complete
famas: incomplete
galil: incomplete
m4a1: incomplete
ak-47: incomplete
aug: incomplete
sg 552: incomplete
scout: incomplete
awp: incomplete
sg 550: incomplete
g3sg1: incomplete
m249: incomplete

this is not going to be done soon, this will be an ongoing project that i'll do on and off. might take a couple months, just be patient.

of course, source meshes will be released for modders to use. would be a waste not to. i'll also compile them on default cs:source animations and maybe even mantuna's reanimations if he gives me the go-ahead to.

this is my first time trying out something like this, so if you have any suggestions or criticism, please share. do not just say something vague like "looks bad" or "still unfinished," be specific and tell me what is actually wrong.

also, do not expect every single face to be reconstructed. i cannot recreate everything, so there's going to be some missing faces here and there. i will try my best to make sure they are only in places where you would not see them regularly, such as the front of the barrel. there are some things that simply cannot be reconstructed through mirroring, which is the method i'm using to reconstruct them.

if you have any questions about this project, feel free to ask. cheers!


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Model restoration
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Valve Corporation
Original models and textures


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Development State
In Development



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