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Post Release Update - 1.1 2d
  • Overhaul Open up T-spawn area
  • Overhaul Rework sky box
  • Tweak Move the T-spawn clip to the barrier
  • Optimization Map optimisation
Had to stretch a lot of the brushes, in order to simplify the sky brushes. This reduced the sky brushes from 29 to 12.

After that, I tried to add a cut feature, which is opening up the T-spawn instead, instead of a black brush, and it worked! No more AllocBlock full!

Oddly, the compile increase from 2 hours to 2.5 hours with the same compile settings, Light - Extra and VIS - Normal.
Official Release - 100% Day 5 of 5 6d Addition4 Overhaul Tweak3 BugFix Optimization2 Critical Fix 7d BugFix Ongoing 98% Day 4 of 5 7d Addition2 Tweak2 Overhaul4 Removal Ongoing 96% Day 3 of 5 8d Addition Amendment Tweak2 Optimization2

A CZ inspired Train

I just realised that there's no CZ version of Train, after watching 3kliksphilip's de_train changes.

There are a lot of upgrades over the OG Train, like better texture scale, better texture choices, better brush detail, etc. Just take a look at the WIP gallery.

This took me five weeks, because the map was created from scratched, and had to make several adjustments to existing parts of the map, like working on Bomb Site A, I had to rework some parts of Bomb Site B and CT Spawn, etc.

Of course, I had to ensure that the brushes are not put together in a sensible manner, which furthered delay the development of the map.

I was also stuck at the ladder drop and the T-office part of the map.

WAD used:

1. CZ decal
2. OG Bob Dog
3. CZ Ritual Standard
4. CZ Fastline
5. CZ Militia
6. Half Life
7. CZ Office


check_box_outline_blank Bot Navigation data_usage 95% check_box_outline_blank Map Overview data_usage 95%
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    Dude, i was just gonna look for this map i.e i mean de_train_cz which i thought would exist but here you are, you are literally creating my dream maps. I love it man can't wait for these.
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