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Progress Report

In Development - 70% finished


Version 2.0 6d
  • Overhaul Added even more optimizations to already supported kingdoms and added optimizations for ones that weren't supported in Version 1.1
Version 1.1 3mo Improvement Optimization2

A mod to improve performance in Mario Odyssey on yuzu, the Switch emulator.

This is a modification for Super Mario Odyssey that should give users better performance in the yuzu Nintendo Switch emulator. The framerate gain will vary depending on how powerful your computer is. In my case, I was able to double my framerate in all of the kingdoms that are currently supported with the mod.

As of Version 2, here's what all levels/kingdoms the mod currently supports.

Cap Kingdom (fully completed)

Sand Kingdom (added more optimizations, almost completed, is included for testing purposes)

Lake Kingdom (partial support)

Wooded Kingdom (fully completed, added even more optimizations)

Cloud Kingdom (partially completed, added some optimizations)

Metro Kingdom (partial support) (Night time, daytime, underground areas, and festival)

Snow Kingdom (mostly finished) (Racetracks are also optimized)

Seaside Kingdom (partial support)

Ruined Kingdom (completed with subareas also supported)

Bowser's Kingdom (partial support)

Moon Kingdom (mostly finished)
Darker Side (mostly finished)

Both the intro cutscene and the ending cutscene have recieved large optimizations as well.



Complete Lost Kingdom High Priority Complete all subareas Low Priority Complete Cloud Kingdom Low Priority Complete Lake Kingdom Complete Sand Kingdom
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    Another way to get better performance:
    Just wait until the emulator is complete, or at the very least, has progressed as much as Cemu.
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    neo187 Joined 9d ago
    This is an awesome Mod! I have been following the development of Yuzu for ages to see when it would be further optimised for lower end machines but there has been ZERO progress there... This mod is our only hope to play the game! It's definitely given my performance a boost here and there...

    For future releases could you include a list of all the kingdoms that are optimised? Thank you and keep up the amazing work!!
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    lava4u Joined 2mo ago
    I just want to let you know that we are waiting impatiently to play super Mario odyssey on our low end system.

    you have gave us the hope, plz complete this mod as soon as possible and optimize to at least 30fps ( most of the people are getting 10-15fps).

    thanks for your efforts . it would be generous from your end if you made a video how to install the mod.

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    This is amazing! though i think editing some models to be lower poly would help a lot.
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    Strowiz Joined 3mo ago
    It is better to play on smo on your low-end mod with a shader cache or not because i don't see a change with the shader cache.

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    3mo 3mo
    At first, I thought you're going to replace the model to its low poly(because my laptop cannot handle Mario Odyssey in 30FPS because of high poly; I can reach to 15 tho). But oh well. Removing some stuff works well.

    Edit: I tested it and shockingly, I got nearly 60FPS. Thanks! Can't wait for the final release.
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    this is really interesting!

    How do you go about this?
    Into the rising sun!
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    I personally don't need this as I don't have yuzu and only play on switch. (Even if I did play on yuzu, I have a good PC) I am glad you are helping those who it helps! Good job :)
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